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Stencil Brush

productNatural China White Bristle Stencil Brush

This artist quality brush is durable and reusable.
It can be used with acrylic or oil-based paints and can be cleaned with soap and water or solvents depending on the type of paint used.

1/2 inch Stencil Brush
Item# THW0010
3/16 inch Stencil Brush
Item# THW0000
1/4 inch Stencil Brush
Item# THW0002
5/16 inch Stencil Brush
Item# THW0004
3/8 inch Stencil Brush
Item# THW0006
7/16 inch Stencil Brush
Item# THW0008
5/8 inch Stencil Brush
Item# THW0012

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