Compass Playground Stencils

productCompass Playground Stencils

Cut on durable, reusable plastic - available in many sizes
Our new Compass stencil is a fun item to add to any school, daycare, preschool or home environment. Simply unroll the stencils, place in position and mark the pattern with spray marking paint (permanent and temporary marking sprays available at local hardware stores) or use a marking ink with a foam or neoprene roller (you may want to secure the edges with tape or weights if it is even slightly windy).

The 60 mil material is much heavier, resists wind gusts and is ideal for any spray painting outdoor application.
The 10 mil material is similiar to thick X-ray film and can be used outdoors and indoors. This material can be used with paint rollers, inks, chalks and sprays.

Most paints and stains can be used, but we suggest you talk to your local paint or hardware store for the best spray paint, ink or liquid paint for the surface you wish to use the Compass stencil on.

Now you can choose from the following material thicknesses:
10 mil = 0.010 inches (0.25 mm)
60 mil = 0.060 inches (1.54 mm)
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If you need a size that is not listed please call us at 1-800-334-1776 or email

24 inch
Item# CC0303A
48 inch
Item# CC0303A48
36 inch
Item# CC0303A36
18 inch
Item# CC0303G
16 feet
Item# CC0303A192
8 feet
Item# CC0303A96
6 feet
Item# CC0303A72
8 inch
Item# CC0303Q

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