Four-Square Playground Stencils


Our Four-Square Court stencil is cut on durable, reusable plastic - a standard four-square play area measures 16 feet x 16 feet (8 feet x 8 feet for preschool) when painted out. Each square is 8 feet x 8 feet (or 4 feet x 4 feet).
Our new four-square stencil is a fun item to add to any school, daycare, preschool or home environment. The small four-square 8 feet x 8 feet stencil ships on 18 sheets of 60 mil mylar that fit together to make the 8 feet x 8 feet four-square. The 16 feet x 16 feet ships on 18 sheets of 60 mil mylar that fit together to make the large four-square court. Simply follow the diagram to fit the pieces together, place in position, and mark the pattern with spray marking paint (permanent and temporary marking sprays available at local hardware stores). You can also use a marking ink with a foam or neoprene roller (you may want to use painters tape to tape the seams together and secure the edges with tape or weights if it is even slightly windy).

Most paints and stains can be used, but we suggest you talk to your local paint or hardware store for the best spray paint, ink or liquid paint for the surface you wish to use the four-square stencil on.

Note: The squares can be optionally marked with one of our number stencil sets. We suggest using at least a 12 inch number set as the size of each square us 48 inches x 48 inches. There are many font styles. The ARIAL NUMBERS is the most common or you may want to consider the STENCIL Style NUMBERS for a wider, bolder look.

The game of four-square is a basic layout of a large square divided into four smaller squares. These four squares provide for a game that is endless in variation depending on the skills of the participants playing the game. Indicated by the name of the game, this game involves four players, one for each square. The purpose of this game is to displace the player who plays from square 1 or the “King” position. This player who plays from square 1 is the one who begins the game by serving the ball from the back corner of his or her own square. This player has the choice of serving the ball into any of the other 3 squares, choosing to allow it to bounce or not to bounce in any square before the opposing participant hits the ball into another of participants’ squares. The nature of the game allows for many people to be able to play the game within a short period of time due to “misses” that may occur. “Misses” can occur when a player does not successfully hit the ball into one of their opponents’ squares, if they hit the ball out bounds, meaning out of the large square itself, or if they cause the ball to land on a line except on a serve. The person, who is responsible for the “miss”, must exit the game and retreat back to the challenge line, thus allowing a player whom is waiting, into the game. When this occurs, the players rotate around the square, leaving the newest player in square 4 and the person who was in square 2, is now playing from square 1, the “King” position and has become the opponent to eliminate.

This kit ships with detailed instructions, and a layout guide with Four-Square Court drawing specifications (also available as a PDF below).

Four-Square Court Instructions

60 mil material should
be used if you are
using spray paints
or spray equipment
10 mil material should
be used if you are using
a roller to apply paint
Don’t want the lines to have gaps or breaks? After you paint the court, simply slide
the stencil into a different position over the lines you’ve already applied and spray.

16 ft x 16 ft with diagram
Item# CC0301A192
8 ft x 8 ft (preschool only)
Item# CC0301A96

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