Greek Key Wall Stencil (small)

productPin It Actual Size: 18.5" wide x 15.8" high on a 19.5" x 19.5" plastic stencil sheet - production sizes also available.

Quickly and easily add traditional style into your home style with this Greek Key (small) Wall and Floor Stencil! This detailed, laser-cut stencil is a professional designer's dream along with our production size stencils with additional repeats for the painting team. Our laser-cutting produces crisp, clean smooth edges. We suggest you visit your local paint store for color ideas using contrasting colors or even trying a semi-gloss urethane (over a previously painted/stained surface) for a subtle effect

Complete Kit Contains:

1 SSO2143 Greek Key (small)
Wall & Floor stencil - 19.5" x 19.5" stencil sheet
1 T7602 2" High-density Foam Roller w/ 8" handle
4 MDA02010 Cadmium Yellow Acrylic Paint (2 oz. bottles) mixed w/ glaze (glaze is available at your local paint store).

Production StencilsPlease note that the Small Greek Key Stencil cut-outs are shown in black in the figure to the right. This means that the paint color you choose would replace the black color shown. Production StencilsProduction stencils are available
with more repeats on 1 stencil
(4 repeats shown left) order
below. Production stencils
are non-returnable and
all sales are final.

Complete Kit
Stencil with Paints & Brush(es)
Price includes 5% discount

Item# KSSO2143C
Stencil with Paints
Item# KSSO2143P
Stencil only
Item# SSO2143
Production Stencil
4 full repeats
on one stencil sheet
30.8 in. high x 35.4 in. wide

Item# SPS2143-4-sh
Production Stencil
8 full repeats
on one stencil sheet
30.8 in. high x 70.8 in. wide

Item# SPS2143-8-sh

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