Heirloom Peony Large Format Painting Stencil

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The Heirloom Peony Large Format Painting Stencils from stencilease.com (by designer Stephanie Olmstead from SOLM Designs) references a classic floral motif used in many cultures. Add classic culture to your design concept or add a large peony in a pop of color in any room! With the aid of this precision, laser-cut stencil, your surface is guaranteed to come out with a fresh, crisp new look no matter what type of paint you choose.

Complete Kit Contains:

1 SSO2267 Heirloom Peony
Large Format stencil - 19.5" x 19.5" stencil sheets
1 T7602 2" High-density Foam Roller w/ 8" handle
4 MDA02068 Slate Grey Acrylic Paint (2 oz. bottles) mixed w/ glaze (available at your local paint store).

Stencil with Paints
Item# KSSO2267P
Complete Kit
Stencil with Paints & Brush(es)
Price includes 5% discount

Item# KSSO2267C
Stencil only
Item# SSO2267

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