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Sculpture Stencils - A How to Guide

PRACTICE FIRST on poster board, cardboard or a piece of paper.SUPPLIES NEEDED:
  • Carpenters level (when doing borders) and pencil
  • Moist towel or hand wipes for cleaning stencils and tools. Note: A coarse scrubbing pad, bristle brush, or fine-grit sanding sponge is helpful for completely cleaning stencil if the paste has dried on.
  • Painter's tape or low-tack tape for taping off edges of stencil and preventing paste from getting onto unwanted areas.
We suggest that you start by practicing your stenciling technique on poster board, cardboard or a piece of paper. This is a very important first step so that you feel comfortable with using the Sculpture Stencil™ and Stencil or Crackle Paste. If you do make a mistake, remember you can scrape off the paste with a putty knife, wipe the stencil and reuse the paste. Once you have practiced a few sections of the stencil and are comfortable with your results, you should be ready to begin.

See our Sculpture Stencil scrapbooking instructional video*
*this shows only paper applications and not wall applications

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