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What are the new 2019/2020 NCAA Basketball Court Dimensions?

For the year 2019/2020 the NCAA has modified the basketball court.

  •  For Division 1 Men  The 3 Point line has been moved back to 22 feet 1 3/4 inches. This is the same length as the International Basketball court standard.
  • For Division 2 and 3 Men, the new 3 Point line will take effect in the 2020/2021 season.
  • NCAA Women's courts will stay at the 20 ft 9 inch distance ( at least for now.)

NCAA Basketball Court Diagram with official dimensions

What are the Key Dimensions of a Basketball Court?

What is the diameter of a basketball hoop?  18 inches

How high is the basketball hoop from the floor? 10 feet

How far it from the front of the rim to the Free Throw Line?  13 feet

How wide is the basketball Key Lane?  The lane is 12 feet wide.

How far is it from the backboard to the Free Throw Line? 15 feet

What is the distance from the font of the backboard to the End Line? 4 feet on regulation courts ( though many courts do that have that much space.)

What is the size of the half-circle at the top fo the key?  The half-circle has a 6 ft radius.  

What are the line widths for the key and 3 point line? 2 inches.

What is the size of the Basketball Key or lane? It is 12 feet wide and 15 feet from the front of the backboard to the Free throw line.  19 feet from the end line to the Free Throw Line.   

What is are the dimensions of the overall Court? for NCAA and Pros, it is 94 feet long and 50 feet wide.  The High School court is 84 feet long and 50 feet wide.  

What is the sie of the Center Circle (Tipoff circle)? The circle has a 6 feet radius split by the division or Half Court line.

What are the differences between the Hgh School, NCAA, and NBA courts? The length of the court (84 feet for High School and 90 for all others.) and the distance of the 3 pt line from the basket.  HIgh School (19 feet 9 inches). NCAA Women 20 feet 9 inches, NCAA Men's ( 22Ft 1.75 inches) and NBA (22 feet)

How many ways are there to Line a Basketball Court

    • Hand Marking and Painting Lines: 
      • Pros: No expensive tools required.  
      • Cons:   Hand measuring takes a long time, requires geometry to get lines square. Masking is slow and is particularly difficult for curved lines. Using a String and chalk to set the 3 Point line is problematic with string stretch.
    • Using a Mechanical Double tape Layer:
      • Pros: Tape makes it very easy to spray perfect line.
      • Cons: Tape Machine itself is very expensive. Measuring and marking by hand still takes a lot of time. You still have to tape by hand the key blocks. Curves are hard to tape without incremental expensive equipment. 
    • Using Pizza Box stencils:
      • Pros: Inexpensive stencils. Can use spray paint to speed painting.
      • Cons:  Kits have a large number of stencils that take time to layout properly. Folded stencils do not lay flat. Have to fill in paint the breaks. One time use only.  
    • Using a Line Striping machine:
      • Pros:  Fast to paint 
      • Cons: Outside only. Requires hand measurement and marking. The painted line is not as sharp as a taped or stenciled line.  Curved lines are tricky.
    • Using Stencil Ease Stencils
      • Pros:  Layout is fast and easy using basic tools. Stencils allow easy, fast painting with sharp lines. Stencils can be used many times.  
      • Cons: Must fill in breaks.  

Why is it so hard to stencil a basketball court?

  • A basketball court requires long straight and square lines. Making sure that the key is square requires tools and techniques not in every home.  either geometry or and laser square which not everybody can do. It is really easy to make a mistake and small errors are very noticeable. For example using a string and chalk to make a circle works great.  We all did that as kids  But with a 20 ft piece of string, we found that that string stretch makes it difficult to use this technique on a basketball court.  
  • Unlike a tennis court, the basketball court has straight lines, curved lines, and blocks all at precise dimensions.  It is complicated and can take a while to measure and paint.
  • The size of the court is so large that a small not noticeable error in one spot becomes glaring at the end.  Repainting is not an option.

Why our stencils make Basketball Court marking easy?

  • Our design requires just a couple of reference points so one can use normal household tools to start the design. Measurements are only there to check the alignment.
  • Large corner pieces make it easy to start and stay square.
  • All key markings are integrated reducing paint time and the number of stencils.
  • We maximized the length of our stencil pieces to reduce the time and complexity of the stencil layout. 
  • Once laid out it is easy to see what the court will look like and to check alignment.
  • Have reference marks to make it easy to check alignment.
  • Detailed instructions with pictures.
  • Designed to handle nonstandard court dimensions.
  • Our material is durable and tough. It will not tear. It will not blow away. It can be used many times.  Many of our customers tried and threw away a pizza box or trash can vinyl stencil. Neither works well. 
  • Our high-quality stencil material will lay flat but also does not stretch. it will make your lines the right length, straight and true. Your lines will also be a very consistent two-inch width. 

Why do we make our stencils out of 1/16th Inch LLDPE

Our 1/16th in thick LLDPE is the perfect material for outdoor stencils and is used by professional line stripers. Why?

  • heavy enough to not be affected by the wind or spray equipment.
  • It is also flexible and will lay perfectly flat.
  • It is durable and will not stretch, tear, or rip. It can last for many uses.


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