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Individual Letter Stencils and Single Number Stencils
letter selector
Order individual letter stencils or single number stencils on this letter selector page. Individual stencil characters can be ordered from 4” high up to 108” high.. There are 5 plastic materials to choose ranging from super-durable 60 mil parking lot stencil plastic to 7.5 mil wall stenciling film. We will cut these letter stencils, number stencils, lowercase stencils or punctuation stencils as separate pieces and ship them directly to you. Just Follow the steps below and fill in the quantity needed for each letter and then click “add to cart”.

Step 1: Choose your letter style:

lettering style sample

Step 2:
Choose your
character height:


Step 3:
Choose your

more info>

Price per Character:
$ 3.08

Step 4: Enter quantites in the blue fields below then add to cart:
IMPORTANT: Remember when choosing the letter height that the measurement indicates the distance from baseline to cap-height (indicated in red in the figure below):

If you are ordering lowercase letters, please order the size based on the capital height measurement.

ascenders and descenders
NOTE: Individual character stencils are considered custom cut stencils and are not returnable

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