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All Types of Letter stencils

Find all letter stencils, number stencils, Quadra-lock letter stencils, individual letter stencils, and even traditional brass stencils. We can do all sizes and for all types of uses. Whether you want a single letter stencil or you want a calligraphy stencil, we can satisfy your needs. We have many font variants in our standard offering of letter stencils and if we do not have it on our website, we can make stencils of any font, any size and any material. Use our Custom Stencil Request form to request whatever you need.  If you want a specific phrase We can do custom please see our Custom Stencil Designer

Letter Selector:

Order just the letters that you need. Order just 1 or order 10. Great for home decorating. We offer in 24 different fonts, up to 72 inches in height.

Our standard offering includes:

Letter Stencils:

Letter stencils of all types in 26 fonts and from sizes from 1/2 inch to 24 inches. Includes upper and lower case. Offered in multiple materials to cover any use.


Number Stencils:

Number stencil sets with font height from 1/2 inch to 24 inch in 26 different industrial and decorative fonts. Offered in multiple materials to cover any use.


Interlocking Letter Stencils [Quadra-Lock]:

Our Quadra-lock stencils are great for quickly organizing and stenciling They connect together and allow quick and effective stenciling. Letter stencils and number stencils in sets from 3 to 36 inches in height.

Brass Stencils: 

These traditional stencils are still popular and we maintain an excellent selection.

Best Letter Stencil Quality: 

  • All of our stencils, except for the Brass stencils, are laser cut in the USA.
  • All of our stencils are made of the best stencil material that we know,
  • 10 mil mylar for all applications and especially small stencils
  • 7 mil adhesive backed stencils for etching and where the customer wants to preclude bleeding under the stencil.
  • 60 mil for outdoor stencils with fonts larger than 3 inches in height.

What are Letter Stencils:

Letter stencils are excellent tools to make words, numbers and ID numbers wherever needed in your home or workplace. Stencils make it easy to make perfectly uniform text, repeatably and fast. No artist skills required!

What are Letter Stencils Made of:

  • Traditional stencil materials include paper, cardboard, oil board and brass
  • Paper and cardboard is usually very inexpensive but is good for only one time use. They are easy to tear and will absorb paint.
  • Oil board will not absorb paint and is not as easy to tear. It will last for a few more uses, it is not cleanable and is best used on flat surfaces.
  • Expensive brass stencils are more durable, cleanable, and the letters can be locked together. They are limited to use only on flat surfaces. Today's brass is fairly thin, and if you are not careful, it will bend. The interlocking mechanism pretty fiddly.
  • Plastic Materials: Most common these days but the quality depends upon the plastic.
  • Vinyl: This material shows up in many forms. It includes very thin films similar to a heavy duty garbage bag to some as thick as 1/32 (30 mil). The material is inexpensive especially in China, so it is common. The thinner material is very cheap, but is stretchy and has to be taped down. It can also tear. It is tough to use in rolling or brushing applications as the stencil will move. It cuts easily and is used often with inexpensive electric cutters. The stencils are difficult to use with any wind at all. The thicker stencils are better and work well on flat surfaces. Be careful with them as they can be permanently bent. Adhesive vinyl is much better and resolves most application issues. It has been used in body shops for years. However these stencils are single use and removing the backing and applying the stencils takes some skill.
  • Polyester Materials: The best plastic for stencils. The best type of polyester for thinner stencils is Mylar. Even at 7 mil, our lightest duty material it does not stretch, can be stored rolled up, and can be cleaned and used many times. We prefer 10 mil which can be used easily on an vertical surface and also outside with due allowance for wind. All mylar can be used with brush, roll or spray. For our heavy duty, contractor grade outdoor stencils for athletic fields and parking lots the best material is LLDPE typically at 60 mil (1/16th in.) and 125 mil (1/8th in.)  thicknesses. This material is flexible enough to be rolled but virtually indestructible. Heavy enough to work with outside. Is easy to clean. and with proper care can last for thousands of uses.
  • Alternate materials: We have seen stencils made from plywood, canvas, etc which can work but will have some limitations relative to polyester materials

How are stencils Made:

  1. By hand: slow and labor intensive. Does not always produce the best shapes and typically one is using a cheaper stencil to mark the lines
  2. Traditional punch press: This machine will have a set of single size letters and can punch through materials like oil board.  The machine is moderately expensive and only does one size/type of letters and numbers. 
  3. Electric cutters: these machines can cut through paper and thin plastics. They are relatively quick and can do different sizes and styles. Consumer grade machines are best with paper vinyl and mylar of the thinner grades,  Commercial grade cutters can do materials as thick as 14 mil. The maximum cutting area is limited to 12 x 24 inches but commercial machines can be up to 48 x 48.
  4. CNC Routers: best for thicker materials 30 mil ( 1/32 inch) and larger. Best with letter sizes larger than 4 inches and with fonts that are more block shaped (not scripty or serif fonts)  
  5. CNC Lasers: Can do virtually all materials and can do very tiny to very large stencils depending upon the size and power of the laser. There are very few limitations as to what can be done. The machines make very high precision and finely detailed stencils very efficiently.

At Stencil Ease we use multiple cutting methods but the majority of our stencils are made with CNC lasers. We have lasers of all sizes and power ranges and can cut a single piece to material up to 6 ft x 10 ft.