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Stencil Design Paint FAQs

1. How do I choose stencil colors?

Paint colors as well as stencil designs are a matter of personal preference. Just as you choose a design which appeals to you, you should choose colors which appeal to you and blend with your home's decor. If you are unsure of your choices, you may use our suggested paint colors.

2. What colors are used on the stencil designs which appear on the web site?

The colors used in each design are listed on our web page as part of the text which describes the stencil. The colors listed are only suggestions; you can change any of the colors to match your decor or preferred style.

3. Can I print the color chart which appears on my home computer?

The color chart will print out, but the results will not be accurate. Every computer monitor shows the colors differently as will every printer. The best way to see colors is to visit a dealer in your area who sells Stencil Ease products or to order a catalog which includes a color chart. In some cases, the color name gives a hint as to what the color truly looks like.

4. How many Stencil Ease paint colors are there?

Our most popular Spill Proof® Paints are available in 45 shades. We also offer 55 designer shades of American Liquid Acrylic paints, 12 shades of Americana Patio paints (permanent and weatherproof), and 3 shades of No-Prep Metal paint. Closeout paints are available in the Stencil Outlet

5. When stenciling, does my background color have to be white?

No, your background color can be any color that appeals to you. Lovely results can be obtained when using a background color other than white on walls, furniture, and other stenciled items. A dramatic effect can be obtained when a dark background is used with a light stencil paint color. Just keep in mind that the stencil paint colors will have a different appearance when used on a non-white base. The best way to test your color choices is to paint a sample. Coat a piece of cardboard with your background paint. When dry, try out your stencil paint colors. One point to remember is to use a flat finish for the background. Both water or oil based paints are fine. (see 'What paint should I use as a base coat?) Stenciling also looks great over faux finishing. Check with your local paint dealer for ideas on creating a faux background.

6. What is shading?

Some of the beauty in stenciling comes from the shading used when painting a design. Shading or the subtle difference in color intensity brings life to a design. It is obtained in two ways: using different depths of the same color in an area of the design or using more than one paint color in an area of the design. With the second technique you are in effect blending colors. All Stencil Ease stencils include a color picture on the package's front-sheet which suggests how the design is shaded.

7. What are Spill Proof® paints?

Spill Proof® is a dry, solid, oil-based paint the consistency of shoe polish, which is applied with a brush. A protective skim-coat forms on top of this paint (which preserves the paint beneath) and is easily peeled away or removed with a paper towel. It is durable, washable and adheres to most surfaces - walls, floors, fabrics, furniture, accessories, etc.

8. Why is my Spill Proof® paint dry to the touch?

Spill Proof® is designed to be dry so there is no dripping, no mess, and no spills. It shades and blends beautifully and cleans up easily.

9. What are Americana Acrylic paints?

Americana Acrylic paint is a superior liquid, water-based paint. It provides excellent coverage, strong pigment, and color consistency per batch. It can be used on wood, fabric, walls, canvas, metal, paper, ceramic, bisque, and leather. This paint should NOT be used outdoors.

10. What are Patio Paints?

Patio Paints are permanent and weatherproof acrylic paints for outdoor decorating on concrete, wood, and terracotta. Patio Paint is formulated for water resistance and excellent adhesion in changing temperatures. Patio Paint solves the weathering and adhesion problems regular paints have on concrete, terracotta and other outdoor surfaces. Use on Concrete, Terracotta Wood, Masonry, Stucco, Stone, Cast aluminum and Styrofoam.

11. What are No-Prep Metal Paints?

No-Prep Metal Paint is a non-toxic, one-step, weatherproof paint that adheres to most metal surfaces without using a coat of primer. Ideal paint for indoor and outdoor home decor metal surfaces without using a varnish. Specially formulated for extra strong adhesion and durability on metal that regular acrylic paints do not have. Use on Tin, Galvanized metal, Aluminum, Brass, Wrought Iron, Chrome, Rusty tin.

12. What are Rub 'n Buff® paints?

Rub 'n Buff® is a wax-based metallic-finish paint that sets-up in about 30 minutes. It is a decorating, antiquing and finishing medium containing imported carnaube waxes, fine metallic powders and selected pigments. It gives the look of antique bronzing, without the work.

13 . How long does it take for stencil paint to dry?

Different paints require different drying times. Spill Proof® usually dries overnight if used on a flat painted surface (if you use satin paint for your background - which is not recommended, it can take up to six weeks to dry). Americana Acrylic Paint, Patio Paint, No-Prep Metal Paint, and Rub 'n Buff® dry quickly.

14. How much paint will I need to complete my project?

A little goes a long way! With any of the paints we offer, one jar or bottle of each color is usually sufficient to do a room, depending upon the stencil being used.