Krylon Pro Marking Spray Paint

productKrylon Pro Marking Paint, Inverted Spray Cans - $8.66 per can or $41.23 per case

We now offer an industrial marking paint program along with our pavement marking stencils. The Krylon “Contractor” 15 oz. can is an inverted spray paint that meets specifications for any stenciling job, utility marking, construction site or public works project. Water-Based Inverted Marking Paints have a high solids formulation that gives them the boldest, brightest and most visible markings in the industry. These fast-drying products penetrate and adhere to all surfaces, and deliver coverage you can count on for all of your marking, surveying and stenciling needs. NOTE: Cover-Up Black item is a solvent-based spray.
  • VOC compliant
  • Free of lead hazards
  • Convenient Spray Thru™ cap

Check out our large selection of marking paint! We have many of the marking supplies you need for stenciling pavement, athletic fields, surveying, excavation sites, construction and more. We offer  water-based marking paint at competitive prices. Krylon inverted marking paint is fast-drying and adheres to hot, cold or wet surfaces. We also carry accessories including marking wands and spray paint handles. Order marking paint online or call 1-800-334-1776 today!

Browse our wide variety of marking paint and stencils available only at  We carry APWA marking paint colors and many fluorescent colors for any size job,  Our selection of inverted marking paint is great to mark gas, petroleum, oil, roads, water, electrical, sewers, storm drains, phone and conduit lines, future excavation sites and temporary survey markings. We feature Krylon brand for quality and performance.  All of our inverted marking paint is easy to use upside down.

Note: Free shipping only applies to Spray paints for orders with a total of $250 or more. No returns for all aerosols and spray paints.


Inverted Marking Paint – Water Based


Aerosol Spray


15 oz.

Net Weight (Oz.)



See Below


300 Linear Ft. @ 2" Stripe
150 Linear Ft. @ 4” Stripe
75 Linear Ft.   @ 6” Stripe

Dry Time Tack Free (Min.)

Less Than 5min

Dry Time (Minutes)

Less Than 5min

Dry Time (Hours)

1 to 2

Dry Time Recoat (Hours)

2 to 5

Application Temperature (F)

Above 32DF

Application Method

Marking Wand


For Pavement, Concrete, Gravel, Grass

Exposure Conditions

Mild to Moderate


VOC and MIR Compliant

Flourescent Neon Green
Item# MAP7322
Fluorescent Safety Red
Item# MAP7324
APWA Brilliant Red
Item# MAP7313
Cover-Up Black - 18 oz.
Item# MAP5913
Fluorescent Safety Red - 6-pack of 15 oz. spray cans
Item# MAP7324-6
Flourescent Neon Green - 6 pack of 18 oz. spray cans
Item# MAP7322-6
Cover-Up Black - 6-pack of 18 oz. spray cans
Item# MAP5913-6
Fluorescent Purple
Item# MAP7319
APWA Green
Item# MAP7314
Item# MAP7315
APWA Brilliant White
Item# MAP7316
APWA Utility Yellow
Item# MAP7317
APWA Orange
Item# MAP7318
Fluorescent Orange
Item# MAP7320
Fluorescent Red Orange
Item# MAP7321
Fluorescent Hot Pink
Item# MAP7323
Fluorescent Caution Blue
Item# MAP7325
APWA Green - 6-pack of 15 oz. spray cans
Item# MAP7314-6
APWA Blue - 6-pack of 15 oz. spray cans
Item# MAP7315-6
APWA Brilliant White - 6-pack of 15 oz. spray cans
Item# MAP7316-6
APWA Utility Yellow - 6-pack of 15 oz. spray cans
Item# MAP7317-6
APWA Orange - 6-pack of 15 oz. spray cans
Item# MAP7318-6
Fluorescent Orange - 6-pack of 15 oz. spray cans
Item# MAP7320-6
Fluorescent Red Orange - 6-pack of 15 oz. spray cans
Item# MAP7321-6
Fluorescent Hot Pink - 6-pack of 15 oz. spray cans
Item# MAP7323-6
Fluorescent Caution Blue - 6-pack of 15 oz. spray cans
Item# MAP7325-6
Fluorescent Purple - 6-pack of 15 oz. spray cans
Item# MAP7319-6

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