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Select your individual letter and number stencils

Choose from our huge selection of sizes from 3 to 92 inches. (if you need larger stencils call or email at We have a large selection of fonts including easy to read Arial and Military to decorative Rustic and Monogram. If you need a particular font call, email or use our Custom Stencil Request Form. Our letter selector is a fast easy and inexpensive way to get exactly the letters and numbers that you need. If you want a full alphabet please click here. Make a great Monogram Stencil to decorate your welcome mat, door or gate. Make your house number visible by adding the to your mail box, curb or driveway. Mark tools and equipment, boat covers, etc.

Letter height

This represents the nominal height of the font and is measured from baseline to cap-height (bottom of the Upper Case letter to the top of the Upper Case Letter. For Certain especially stylistic fonts some Upper Case letters will be slightly more or less then the nominal Height. All lower case letters and punctuation are sized to be appropriate with the corresponding Upper case letters and therefore are less than the nominal height. You can see the rough proportions in the product image. If you need a specific size for a lower case or an exact size for an upper case please contact us by email or phone.

Letter Height

All Letter Selector Items are custom made for your order. There are no returns.

Single letter and Number stencils have many uses:

Single Letter and Number Stencils are price effective:

If you want the entire letter set click here

How to use the Letter Selector APP

  1. Choose the Font. Marking style fonts have only uppercase, decorative and signage fonts have upper and lower case available. If you do not see the font that you need use our Custom Stencil Request Form

  2. Choose the font height of the letter or number. Please see the diagram explaining the difference between the Cap Height versus the actual height of the letter which can be different depending upon the font and the letter chosen.

  3. Choose the material.

    1. For applications for vertical surfaces and for indoor applications I recommend 10 mil. It is easy to use, can be used multiple times, is cleanable and makes crisp clean letters.
    2. If you are sure that you are going to spray paint, the adhesive backed mylar works great.
    3. For outdoor applications on horizontal surfaces like asphalt and ball fields the 60 mil is supre durable and works well. Best used for letters greater than 3 inches in height.
    4. If you still have questions you can check out our Material Selection Guide
  4. Choose the letters, numbers and punctuation that you need.

    Move your mouse to the character desired and add the quantity of each that you desire. For some fonts there are both upper case and lower case letters. Other fonts just have an Upper case.

  5. Add items to cart.

  6. If you want different sized characters of the same font, you must first select those for one size, add to cart, than start the process again for the different size.

* Custom items are not returnable.