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Free standard shipping orders over $50 | (800) 334-1776

Two Hour | Fire Barrier and Smoke Barrier Signs | Fire Code Stencils

SKU SCC0805-002-G010

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Our rated fire wall marking stencils conform to National Fire Protection Association Standards 5000. We have various versions of differently rated walls.

The easiest and fastest method to mark fire rated walls  (See our How to Mark Fire Rated Walls Instruction page.)

We have a number of NFPA recommended stencil wordings but if you have local regulations requiring specific wording use our custom app to create the required wording. NFPA recommends at least 3 inch letter height.

Durable and easy to use our stencils are made of 10 mil mylar and can last for hundreds of uses.

Perfect material for ink roller application which is great for marking fire rated walls.