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CALL US AT (800) 334-1776 - FREE SHIPPING* on select products, exceptions apply.

Parking Garage Stencil

Parking Garage Stencils are a special subset of parking lot stencils. They have many of the same types of stencils but also put much of the signage on walls. Stenciling on vertical surfaces is best done with different material then what is used on an outdoor parking lot. Our 10 mil mylar is the perfect material.

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    Parking Garage Guest Stencil

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    Designed to meet the needs of customers painting Parking Garages we developed a complete collection of durable lightweight professional marking ste...

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    from $17.99

The other issues with indoor parking garages is that the spaces are almost always numbered which is one of the most tedious jobs in parking lot marking. Often the lots use a 3 digit numbering system which is even more labor intensive with the typical parking lot number kits.

• Super durable and easy to clean. Can be sued many times
• Easy to mount to walls either with adhesive spray or tape
• Great for spray as well as roller application
• Can be rolled for storage

To ease the labor burden we now offer consecutive number kits in 7 and 10 mil mylar. This essentially allows you to order a single complete stencil ready to go for each space. 7 mil mylar is our least expensive material and while it is still reusable is recommended for the one and done jobs.

10 ml is the number set to keep for all of your jobs.