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CALL US AT (800) 334-1776 - FREE SHIPPING* on select products, exceptions apply.
CALL US AT (800) 334-1776 - FREE SHIPPING* on select products, exceptions apply.

Magnetic Stencils

Magnetic stencils are made from magnetic film which allows it to stick to metal surfaces. These stencils are great for marking and organizing, doors, tools warehouse racks, can all be marked easily, quickly, and cheaply by magnetic stencils. We have two types of magnetic film. Standard and Pro, The pro film is twice the thickness with more magnetic power and more durable. We can also make Custom Magnetic Stencil so that you can add your business logo easily. Request custom stencils here.

What are magnetic stencils?

Magnetic stencils are made from magnetic film.  Thie film will stick to all ferrous metals.  We have two types of magnetic film  Standard and Pro.  The standard material is .015 inches thick.. it will normally stick to ferrous metallic surfaces and support its own weight.   The material is not as tough as mylar and so it can rip if handled roughly.  Pay special attention when removing the stencil after use,  

The PRO magnetic material is .030 mil thick and has significantly more magnetic force and is also more durable.    This material is best used with Spray or brush application.  

The material is flexible and can conform to curves  


What are the benefits of Magnetic Stencils?

1. The stencil will adhere to ferro-metallic surfaces without glue or tape.  For surfaces that are not magnetic, the stencils can be taped or you can also use Repositionable adhesive spray like a normal stencil.

2 The second and even better benefit is that the stencils can be placed together so that words and numbers can be built with individual pieces.  The stencils placed together will resist paint in between and not require tape.  This allows one to stencil much faster than regular stencils.  This makes the stencils extremely useful for numbering or organizing warehouses, tools, supplies, and other items. 

What are the best application techniques with Magnetic Stencils?

We believe spray or brush are best with magnetic stencils.   IF you want to roll please use the standard version as the thickness of the pro version will make it difficult to get paint to the edge of the stencils.