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Shipping & Freight Signs Stencils

Mark your shipping and freight containers quickly and easily with stencils. We carry a complete range of required stencils at the appropriate sizes. Perfect for cardboard, wood of all types, plastic metal shipping containers.

If you do not see what you need or want to put your company logo on your packaging, send us a custom stencil request. Get a shipping address stencil quickly with our Custom Stencil Designer. We recommend using these stencils with our Repositionable Spray and our One Shot Ink Roller.

How to use shipping stencils: 1. We recommend 10 mil mylar as the stencil material. it is durable enough to stand up to shipping area abuse and flexible enough to apply to curved surfaces. 2. Use our Repositionable Spray to make the stencil tacky and work like a Post-It note. Place the stencil where needed. It will hold than remove and place again. Will work many times. When the tack is gone simply spray again. Once they are tacky we store our stencils on a clean board in the shipping area. 3. Suitable for spray or brush applications but we prefer rolling especially with our ink roller. 4 Our One Shot Stencil Ink Roller is easy to set up and use. Is self contained for no mess and applies and stays on almost any surface. Comes in a range of colors.

Why use a stencil instead of a label: 1. They do not peel off. 2. They apply to any surface including rough wood. 3. One stencil can mark hundreds of containers. 4. You never run out of a stencil.

Custom Shipping address stencils: Get shipping address stencils quickly and easily with our Custom Stencil Designer. 1. Type in the shipping address use the return to add lines. Check to make sure it is correct. Add as many lines as you like and add as much information. 2. Select font, we recommend Military. 3. Select alignment. 4. Choose material, we recommend 10 mil, though adhesive backed is a popular choice. 5. Check spelling one more time and check approve.

Build your Brand with a custom shipping logo stencil: Pre-printed boxes and shipping containers are very expensive. Personalize your shipping materials with your business logo buy creating a stencil. Send us your logo with our custom stencil request. Pay particular attention to your size needs. We can provide you custom stencil so that you can personalize all of your shipments.