Brushes and Rollers

Brushes, rollers and applicators suitable for professionals, artists, and DIY'ers, High quality tools make stenciling easy, fast and most importantly render beautifully clean results. Do not waste your time and money on cheap applicators. See application recommendations below.

For large jobs, especially on horizontal surfaces like parking lots, and roads, professionals use commercial grade spray equipment. We do not sell these tools because we cannot provide the service and repairs such equipment needs. For smaller and DIY'er jobs we do sell applicators for spray aerosol paints. For shipping container, freight and equipment stenciling, the Oneshot Ink Roller is mess free, easy and quick and the best tool we have found. For applications where you want to roll a specific paint we recommend High density foam rollers. These rollers are best for the dry-rolling recommended for stencils. Please check our How To Stencil page. We sell quality brushes specially designed for use with stencils. We have single ended and double ended brushes. Perfect sizes for a broad range of stencils. Brushes are tools, bad tools make extra work. We use premium bristles that are thick enough to hold a good quantity of paint and stiff enough for stippling. The metal ferrules will hold the bristles for many uses. Double ended brushes are great for two color jobs allowing you to switch between the colors quickly as you work.