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Fuel Up To Play 60 Centipede Alphabet Stencil Set

SKU SDM0048-000-L022

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Description: This Fuel Up To Play 60 Centipede Alphabet Stencil Set should be at the top of the priority list for any playground stencil project. The Centipede set is broken down into three smaller stencils that can be positioned into multiple configurations: straight and narrow, wavy, circular, or bent around corners and structures. You should plan out your pattern in chalk before you begin laying out the stencils. This stencil can be completed with either the English or the Spanish alphabet. Just be sure to decide in advance before you begin painting as it affects the number of times the middle piece is painted. The color scheme above is inspired by the Texas Red Headed Centipede, but is optional.

The following are included:

  • Centipede Alphabet (30 pieces)

Material used: 22 mil LDPE plastic. Lays flat on any surface, easy to paint with roller and dry paint peels and flakes off without using any chemicals. Stencil can be rolled and put back in box for future use or touch up jobs in years to come.
Painting Technique Used: High-density foam roller & liquid paint
Estimated Project Time: 4 hours with 2 volunteers
Stencil Ordering: Click below to add to shopping cart or use this order form FAX school P.O. to 860-395-0166

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NOTE: It is recommended to use a premium grade exterior paint that can adhere to concrete or asphalt.  Touch ups may be needed due to normal wear and tear.  Please consult a local paint store for your particular region as the recommendations can change.