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Football Field Hash-Mark Stencil Kit

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Football Field Hash-Mark Stencil Kit

The hash-mark kit is 15 feet long and quickly makes perfectly spaced yard lines and the hashmarks.

What are Hash marks? For years I thought they were the 1 yard markings between the 5 yard lines. But officially they are 24 inch lines parallel to the side line that bisect the 5 yard lines. These lines represent the outermost position on the field where the football is placed to start the next down. This position is different in High School, NCAA and NFL football.

High School places the hash-marks in 53 ft 4 in from the sideline, NCAA 60 ft and the NFL 70 ft 9 in.

For the NCAA and the NFL 1 yard markings are required at the hashmarks and the sidelines. For High Schools it is recommended.  Measure along each yard line the hash mark location. Our stencil has both the hash marks and the 1 yard markings as well as alignment squares. Simply place the alignment squares on the 5 yard lines, and align the hash mark opening with the measurement mark in the 5 yard line.

For the side line yard markings use the edge of the stencil to make an exact 4 inch gap away from the sideline( required) and align the alignment squares with on the 5 yard lines.

This stencil is available in 14 mil Mylar ( in one piece) and 1/6th inch and 1/8th inch super durable LLDPE. Which comes in two pieces.

Most professionals prefer the extra weight of LLDPE. This material is extremely durable, will relax and lay flat quickly. Will not be disrupted by wind. The 1/8th inch is preferred by contractors and is more rigid then the 1/16th inch.

The 14 mil is much lighter and easier to roll out but is tricky on windy days and requires a bit more care while spraying. It is great for DIY and single time uses.

Simply clean and store for future use.

Everything that you need to know about Football Field Markings

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