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Parking Lot Number Stencils

 Our complete Parking lot numbering system is the cost-effective and easy way to apply parking space numbers to lots with up to 4 digit numbering systems.   Painting parking lot numbers can be a difficult and time-consuming process.  Stencil numbering sets are expensive. This parking space numbering system allows you to build a kit to create the perfect stencil set for you Whether you need a high productivity kit for painting a thousand parking space numbers overnight or a low-cost set that will let you repaint your parking lot over the summer.   We have the kit for you.   

The basis of the kit is the 2 digit number stencils and the 2 digit holder.  The number stencils have the exact spacing so that they can be laid side by side and be spaced perfectly for 2, 3, and 4 digit numbers.  This border is not sufficient for normal spray painting so we have added a holder.  Please see Video below

The Holder forms a perfect spray border.  Made out of thick 1/8th inch LLDPE it is stiff and has been cut with a lip that ensures that there is no space between the edge of the number and the holder.  For 3 and 4 digit holders we add a lip for those third and fourth digits so that individual numbers can be added to the 2 digit number set to do parking lot numbers up to 9999.

The font is our standard parking font but if you need a special font please call or submit a custom stencil Request

Why are our Parking Lot number systems so Cost-effective?

This is because we have the holder. When you spray paint parking stencils most contractors like at least 3 inches of border around the stencil. Our stencils do not have such a large border because they are designed to be able to be laid side by side as consecutive numbers. This means they only have an inch of overspray border on their sides. We then created a " Holder" out of think and stiff 1/8th inch LLDPE material which exactly fits the numbers and which can be placed on top of the number stencil and provide overspray protection. We have 2/3 and 4 digit holders. these have an overlapping edge which ensures that paint cannot bleed through the edges of the numbers so you get a perfect crisp number. 1 holder is sufficient for an entire parking lot but you might want a few for productivity reasons. Our parking space number stencils are less expensive then other sets out there and still are highly efficient.

How do you make stencils for 3 digit and 4 digit parking lot numbers?

That is the second advantage of our numbering system. It is very easy for you to purchase a 3 and 4 digit holder for your 2 digit number set. Because our number stencils are sized to fit next to each other you can add the hundreds or thousandths digit to the appropriate holder and continue on. The hundredths digit can be placed and even taped into the 3 digit holder and then be placed over each 2 digit number in turn. ( see picture)

WIth our competitors' stencil set you have to do the two-digit number first let it dry and come back later to do the hundreds digit. This is a much more time-consuming process and can easily lead to quality problems.

What Stencils are required for Parking space numbers 1- 99?

1. One Each 2-DIGIT NUMBER SET 00-99

2. One or more 2 Digit Holders

What Stencils are required for Parking space Numbers 100-999?

1. One Each 2-DIGIT NUMBER SET 00-99

2. One or more 3 Digit Holders

3. One Each Parking Lot Numbers 0-9

What Stencils are required for Parking space Numbers 1000-9999?

1. One Each 2-DIGIT NUMBER SET 00-99

2. One or more 4 Digit Holders

3. 2 Each Parking Lot Numbers 0-9