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Parking Lot Line Stencil

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This parking lot line stencil will allow you to install and maintain crisp, clean, regulation lines for parking lot spaces.  For the DIY'r and the contractor who wants perfectly straight lines. A durable, simple, and cost-effective solution.


If doing a large number of lines we recommend the 1/8th inch plastic or that you regularly clean the 1/16th inch plastic as dried paint will twist it over time.

4 Inch Parking Line Stencils

This is the standard width:
4” wide x 92” long (comes on 12” x 96” sheet) standard
4" wide x 108" long (comes on 12" x 119" sheet)
NEW! Standard 19 Foot parking spot depth   4" wide x 19 feet Long ( In two pieces that can be taped together)

6 Inch Parking Line Stencils

6” wide x 92” long (comes on 14” x 96” sheet)
6" wide x 108" long (comes on 14" x 119" sheet)

12 Inch Stop Bar Stencils

12" wide x 92" long (comes on 20" x 96" sheet) standard for stop bars
12" wide x 108" long (comes on 20" x 119" sheet) standard for stop bars

Tough Contractor Grade Parking Stencils:

• All offered in super durable 1/8th inch and 1/16th LLDPE plastic. 
• Tough flexible, lays flat and lasts for hundreds of uses.
• This material will tend to shed paint and is easy to clean.
• Perfect for contractors, professionals, and anyone who wants the best.

What is the differences of the 1/16th inch and 1/8th inch LLDPE?

The simple difference is that the thickness is double so the stencil is a heavier and stiffer stencil.  There are two benefits:

1.  As you use the stencils paint will build on the stencil. as the paint dries it will shrink and impart stresses on the stencil which will curl it.  Once the paint is cleaned off, the stencil will again lay flat.  The 1/8th stencil resists this and can be used for more lines prior to requiring cleaning.  

How to get the most from your new Parking Lot Stencil: Stencil Cleaning & Care

Custom Letter Size Stencils 1 to 48 inch

Please use our Custom Stencil Maker to create your custom stencil or click here to send us your requirements.

Stenciling Tools

Get the job done right with these proven stencil tools:

• Krylon Striping Paint 
Inverted Spray Paint Marking Wand
 Frog Painters Tape

Material Selection Guide

Click here for more material information

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I was wondering if stencils from 0-9 for a parking lot are available in your store. If so, can you please confirm availability and price for each?
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Yes we do have lots of parking lot numbers from 0-9

CLICK HERE This is likely the product you are looking for.

Please pick your size. we have lots of… See full answer »
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