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Parking Lot Number Stencils and Letter Sets

Stencil Ease has the largest selection of Number Stencil Sets and Letter Sets which are perfect for the Line Striper, or Facilities Manager. Numbering 10 or hundreds of parking spaces, or locations can be a time-consuming job.  Stencil Ease carries a range of products to suit nearly every need. We can make this job fast and easy. With a huge range of font sizes, application types and set sizes, we have the product for you.  If we do not have what you need please call us as we can do a custom set just for you. 

Why Number Parking Spaces?

Everywhere we see parking lot managers numbering spaces. In many urban and suburban areas parking spaces are controlled, expensive uses of real estate and are taxed. Parking lot managers used numbered spaces to:

  • to maximize revenues. Space location is valuable to people and assigning the valuable spots to people who are willing to pay or are best customers is important.
  • keep tenants happy knowing that they always will have parking available.
  • maintaining security is an increasingly major issue. Identifying unusual cars is critical especially in parking garages.
  • Space numbering is becoming the norm.

Types of Numbering Stencils

There are a few types of Stencil numbering sets and they all have tradeoffs is cost, ease of use and applicability.

  1. Individual Number Sets: Inexpensive, but the slowest to use. OK for small lots but inappropriate for larger lots. If they have a border sufficient for spraying they will put multiple digit numbers to far apart to look normal.

  2. Quadralock Stencil Sets: Good value, and allow the building of consistent well placed multi-digit and letter sizes. They put together easily but for best results need to be taped. So again better for the smaller jobs.
  3. Ready to spray Consecutive number sets: these are the easiest to use as each numbered stencil just needs to be placed. Each stencil has a 2-3 inch border around the side and so is ready to go. However, these sets are very expensive especially with the size of letters common for Parking spaces of 8- 18 inches. A double-digit 00-99 stencil set with 12-inch numbers will cost $1000 or more. However, these sets are only good for the numbers purchased and cannot easily be combined with another digit, ( you cannot combine a 1 with a 99 to make 199 as the spacing will not work.)
  4. 2 Digit Number Sets with multi-digit Options: This set offers the scale to handle 2, 3 and 4 digit numbering with a high degree of efficiency. The set basis is a 2 digit number that is sized to fit in an overspray box stencil. The stencil is perfectly sized with a small lip so that no taping is required and no paint will get through. With a number of these holders, you can place and paint the parking lot at a price point about 1/3rd less than comparable consecutive number sets. If you have a 3 or 4 digit job. All you need is a 3 digit holder and the single extra digit. This stencil set could become the most valuable stencil in your garage.

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