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Custom Stencils |Fast and Easy | All Sizes

Custom Stencils:

  • From Any Text, Any Logo, Any Artwork, Multi-color

  • In Any Size: from 1/16th inch to Football Field Logos

  • Best Stencil Material: Mylar, adhesive-backed, Thick and even Magnetic 

Custom Stencil Process is Easy Fast and Precise You Pick your Process:

  1. Custom Stencil Designer: Design your own Text-Only stencil. Fast Easy, get immediate size, proof and price. Usually ships the next day.

  2. Let Us Design for You, For any  artwork, picture or file. Use your Request a Custom Stencil Form

We will recommend  what you need to succeed in your project and will provide an estimate. Once you approve that we will prepare a design and send it to you for approval. Once the design is approved we will product and ship to you.  Timing depends upon complexity and size of the project. 

What is the best Material for Custom Stencils?

The answer is that it depends upon what project you are doing.  A wall stencil is one material but stenciling a football field will require another. Popular material are:

Mylar Custom stencils: 

Mylar is one of the most popular and most useful materials for stencils.  It is the material for any vertical surface.  It is great for most craft and hobby uses and for decorative stenciling of nearly any size.   Our most popular size is 10 mil which has a good blend of toughness durability and the ability to cut fine features.  It can be cleaned and can be used many times. 7 mil mylar is also very good but not as durable or as good for small features.  We also sell a 4 mil mylar which is good for cutting stencils yourself either manually or with a Cricut type cutter.  Using mylar outside can be challenging as the material is light and easily blown by the wind. 

Adhesive-Backed Mylar:

This can be a handy product and is used by both professionals in automotive and industrial spray booths on mostly metal and other smooth surfaced objects. It is also good for etching glass.   These stencils are more expensive and the stencil can be used more than once but not as many times as regular mylar.

1/16th inch and 1/8th inch LLDPE:

Heavy duty stencils for outdoors, parking lots, sports fields and playgrounds. Contractor preferred and for larger artwork normally text at least 4 inches.  Best with spray applications.

Magnetic stencils:

Reusable, great for numbering for doors shelves, equipment and tools.