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CALL US AT (800) 334-1776 - FREE SHIPPING* on select products, exceptions apply.

How many ways are there to Line a Basketball Court?

  • Hand Marking and Painting Lines:
Pros: No expensive tools required.
Cons: Hand measuring takes a long time, requires geometry to get lines square. Masking is slow and is particularly difficult for curved lines. Using a String and chalk to set the 3 Point line is problematic with string stretch.

  • Using a mechanical double tape layer:
Pros: Tape makes it very easy to spray a perfect line.
Cons: Tape Machine itself is very expensive. Measuring and marking by hand still takes a lot of time. You still have to tape by hand the key blocks. Curves are hard to tape without incremental expensive equipment.
  • Using Pizza Box stencils:
Pros: Inexpensive stencils. Can use spray paint to speed painting.
Cons: Kits have a large number of stencils that take time to layout properly. Folded stencils do not lay flat. Have to fill in paint the breaks. One time use only.
  • Using a Line Striping machine:
Pros: Fast to paint
Cons: Outside only. Requires hand measurement and marking. The painted line is not as sharp as a taped or stenciled line. Curved lines are tricky.
  • Using Stencil Ease stencils:

Pros: Layout is fast and easy using basic tools. Stencils allow easy, fast painting with sharp lines. Stencils can be used many times.
Cons: Must fill in breaks.

Our basketball court stencils is perfect for contractors, school, and park districts. they are also for the DIY'ers who want to do a professional job. We carry High School, NCAA standard and FIBA European court standards.
Our newly redesigned stencils can setup the entire court in 20 minutes. Designed for regulation court sizes but adaptable a more limited backyard court set up as well. We have designed the stencils so that with only a plumb, string line and tape measure you can quickly get the squareness required to set up a perfect key.

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