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Why our stencils make Basketball Court marking easy?

  • Our design requires just a couple of reference points so one can use normal household tools to start the design. Measurements are only there to check the alignment.
  • Large corner pieces make it easy to start and stay square.
  • All key markings are integrated reducing paint time and the number of stencils.
  • We maximized the length of our stencil pieces to reduce the time and complexity of the stencil layout.
  • Once laid out it is easy to see what the court will look like and to check alignment.
  • Have reference marks to make it easy to check alignment.
  • Detailed instructions with pictures.
  • Designed to handle nonstandard court dimensions.
  • Our material is durable and tough. It will not tear. It will not blow away. It can be used many times. Many of our customers tried and threw away a pizza box or trash can vinyl stencil. Neither works well.
  • Our high-quality stencil material will lay flat but also does not stretch. it will make your lines the right length, straight and true. Your lines will also be a very consistent two-inch width.
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