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Walmart PICK UP Stencil

SKU CC3202-024-L060

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A relatively recent requirement for all Walmart Stores. It is a multi-piece stencil.

  • The Background square
  • The symbol and PICK UP.
  • Pieces to fill in the breaks on PICK UP.

Recommended Stencil colors:

  • Background Orange SW Color 6885
  • Walmart "SPARK" Yellow SW Color 6904
  • PICKUP standard traffic white.

Two Different Sizes:

24 inch and 42 inch

Premium Quality Contractor Stencils

  • Available in premium 1/16th inch LLDPE and Contractor preferred 1/8th inch LLDPE.
  • Both materials are durable, cleanable and will last hundreds of uses.
  • With generous over spray borders.
  • Easy to set up and Line up.

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