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Handicap Stencils

Handicap parking stencils are the most common parking lot stencils and are required by law in virtually every parking lot. Also known as accessibility stencils, these handicap parking lot stencils are sold in many sizes and styles depending upon the needs of the property owner.

The requirements for marking parking lots for Accessible parking is much more than just having a handicap marking in the parking space. t Access aisles are now a common requirement. There is now consistency in how the access aisle is to be marked. Our new Access Aisle Stencil
is perfect for most jurisdictions. We carry in stock a large range of sizes and styles to cover any needs that you might have. The 39 inch 1 piece stencil is the most common but the 36 inch 1 piece and the 42 inch 2 piece is also popular. Insure you are up to code with our stencils.

What are handicap parking stencils

Handicap parking stencils have a long history but became legally required in almost all parking lots with the creation of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and they are a critical tool for all line stripers and pavement maintenance professionals.

Number of Accessible Spaces Required By the ADA

Total # Parking Spaces Required Accessible Spaces
25 1
50 2
100 3
150 4
200 5
300 6
400 7
500 8
1000 2% of total
more than 1000 20 + 1 for each 100 over 1000

What are the Requirements for Handicap Parking Spaces?

Requirements for Disabled Access parking spaces come from Federal, State, and Local Requirements. Many municipalities often provide incremental details to the general specification, but in general we are seeing some convergence on the marking requirements>

General requirements for Disabled Access parking spaces

  • Next to the parking space, an access aisle is required.
    • for car spaces and 11 ft wide van spaces the access aisle must be 5 feet wide.
    • For van spaces that are 9 ft wide, the access Aisle must be at least 8 feet wide.
  • Accessible spaces should be closest to the main entrance or a served building and/o the shortest distance to an accessible entrance
  • If multiple accessible entrances are available, accessible parking spaces shall be dispersed and located closest to accessible entrances.
  • Surface slopes of accessible access parking spaces and adjacent access aisles shall be minimized and not exceed a 2% slope in either direction.

What are the Marking Requirements for Handicap Parking Spaces?

  • Parking space should be delineated but a 4-inch white line 18 feet long and 9 feet wide for a car/van access and 11 feet wide for Van access.
  • An international accessible symbol or a new accessible symbol of a minimum of 36 inches in height typically with a blue background and white markings. This needs to be placed at the open end of the parking space such that it is still visible even when the space is occupied.
  • The access aisle must be marked with a 4-inch wide outline and diagonal stripes on a maximum of 36-inch centers. The aisle must be painted in a contrasting color to the pavement, normally blue or white.
  • At the lot end of the space, NO PARKING in 12-inch letters must be marked in white.
  • Many areas are requiring the spaces to also be marked with an accessible space symbol. The sign is normally placed at least 80 inches above the parking grade.

How to paint the Access Aisle?

For painting the Access Aisle we recommend using our new Access Aisle stencil. It allows you to easily get the lines parallel and looking clean. This 6 feet by 10 feet stencil allow the painting of the entire access aisle with only two placements or by the two-piece set which can do the entire space in one placement This one has the NO PARKING included.

For a better-looking result, we have also created a two-line NO PARKING stencil with 12-inch letters. Otherwise, the NO PARKING will go across the entire space and intersect with the lines.

What are Corporate Accessible Parking Requirements?

Many large retail chains are establishing special requirements for their new and repaved parking lots. These requirements are to improve the overall customer experience but improving the look of the parking lot. They are extending their branding experience into the parking area. Their marking needs are in addition to the municipal needs. We have done a number of these and have many stencils available so please call. Also, we are happy to work with the architects' prints if that is a need.

Types of Handicap Stencils

A one-piece is typically painted with white paint, while some jurisdictions prefer the more polished look of a two-piece stencil. This creates a white box with a blue field inside and a handicap symbol in white inside.

We carry all versions of the handicap stencil and in many popular sizes.

What is the new Accessibility Icon?

In 2010 activists who were concerned with the rights of disabled people were unhappy with the original icon and wanted to show that the whole point of the ADA was to enable people with disabilities to be able to more freely go where they needed to go. In the past few years, more states and municipalities are now using it.

Tough contractor-grade stencils:
• All offered in super durable 1/8th inch and 1/16th LLDPE plastic.
• Tough, flexible, lays flat and lasts for hundreds of uses.
• This material will tend to shed paint and is easy to clean.
• Perfect for contractors, professionals, and anyone who wants the best.