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Free standard shipping orders over $50 | (800) 334-1776

Playground Game Stencil | Conflict Resolution Circle

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Conflict Resolution Circle Playground Game

  • (2 pieces) – Painted Size 88” wide x 88” high

This is a great game for solving conflicts between students in a fun, imaginative way.

Game Play and Use:   This game helps children to make better choices when faced with a conflict.  Allow the children to use this as a peer mediation tool during recess or if the class has come across a difficult situation, take them out to use this tool to solve the problem.  Showing them the different options on how to resolve conflict is      invaluable!

 Laser-cut playground stencils:
  • Easy to use. Staff and Students can place and paint the stencils
  • stencils provide crisp clear results every time.
  • simply clean your stencil for future use and maintenance.
  • one stencil can be used multiple times.
  • Paint in primary or school colors and brighten the playground and a child's day.

With playground stencils you will paint and play the same day.

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