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How to Guide for using Adhesive-Backed Stencils

adhesive backed stencil Adhesive-backed, 7.5 mil material, come with a repositionable, low-tack, backing to secure your stencil in place. This durable, reusable, plastic material can be used on any painted surface, floor, sign, car, boat or craft project. The adhesive-backing assures that paint will not seep under the stencil design if you are using liquid paints, spray paints, inks or other mediums. Additionally, the low-tack quality of this material will allow you to easily lift the stencil from the surface and reposition it securely onto your surface over and over again.

Step 1:
Adhesive-backed material has a paper-backing that needs to be removed before stencil will stick to surface being painted, inked, stained or other application. Find the edge of the material and slowly remove the paper from the plastic stencil. Please do this slowly and carefully so the stencil is not damaged during this process.

Step 2:
Adhesive-backed material will adhere to any surface. If you are using this on a painted wall, then please test a small section of the material by adhering it lightly to the painted wall. Gently remove the film and see if any paint has come off of your wall. There are many brands of paint and each one has a unique coating quality. We discovered that some coatings will release paint onto the adhesive material, while other coatings are more durable and do not peel off the wall.

TIP: You can take some of the tack level off the adhesive backed stencil film by sticking and removing it multiple times to any fabric, cardboard or other surface.

Step 3:
The stencil film can be cleaned and reused. Depending on the paint used, you can clean your stencil with a variety of cleaning solutions such as: 
• Soap and Water 
• citrus-based cleaners
• Windex
• Simple Green
• Paint Thinner
We suggest applying your cleaner to a rag or paper towel and wiping off the paint.
If your stencil has thin bridges or detailed portions, please clean carefully and be gentle.

Step 4:
Storing the Stencil 
The easiest way to store the adhesive-backed stencil is simply to roll it back onto itself. You can also try sticking the adhesive side to a plastic surface or use wax paper.