Custom Stencil Instruction Guide

When you first receive your custom lettering stencil, open the package and make sure that it is what you ordered. Then, PRACTICE FIRST on poster board, cardboard or a piece of paper.


  • Repositionable Stencil Adhesive Spray
  • Carpenters level (to mark level line) and pencil
  • Roller, or marking tool
  • Liquid paint, spray paint, or dry solid paint
  • Moist towel or hand wipes for cleaning stencils and tools.

Step 1

Go to and click on

Step 2 
Choose your font from the list of available fonts.

Step 3

Choose your letter height:
Remember when choosing the letter height that the measurement indicates the distance from baseline to cap-height, descenders are not included in the measurement.

Step 4
Indicate your maximum phrase width for the area that you are stenciling; this is to ensure that you will not order a stencil that is too long for your space. We will make sure that the lettering will not be longer than the indicated size.

Step 5 
Enter your text or phrase into the text field:

Step 6 
Choose left alignment, Centered alignment, or right alignmentand whether or not you'd like your stencil cut into manageable 3-foot sections. You will not need to choose alignment if it is all on one line so you can leave it as "align left". If you have multiple lines, you will want to decide how you would like them to align.


Step 7 
Click on the preview button to see your phrase:

Step 8 
Choose your stencil material thickness and add it to your bag:

Adhesive-Backed Stencil Matte™ Material (7.5 mil)  7.5 mil adhesive-backed material comes with a repositionable low-tack backing to perfectly secure your stencil in place. This durable, reusable plastic material can be used on any painted surface, floor, sign, car, boat, or craft project. The adhesive backing assures that paint will not seep under the stencil design if you are using liquid paints, spray paints or inks. Additionally, the low-tack of this material will allow you to easily lift the stencil from the surface and adhere it over and over.

Standard (7.5 mil) Stencil Matte™ Material  Most painting stencils are cut from standard 7.5 mil material. This is a durable, reusable material that is ideal for painting on walls, wood, floors, fabrics and most surfaces. It can be used with any paint and can be cleaned with most paint cleaners (from soap & water and citrus based cleaners to paint thinner). The thinner gauge films will generally create a finer image on the surface you are painting without creating an edge around the cut-outs. Thicker gauge films may be more durable for certain projects, but tend to allow the paint to build up on the edges of the cut-out portion.

10 Mil Stencil Matte™ Material  Our 10 mil material is great for projects that require heavy repeated use and repeated cleaning of a stencil. The 10 mil film is ideal for outdoor use on parking lots, patios, walkways, driveways and concrete surfaces.

14 mil Stencil Matte™ Material  Our 14 mil film is used for our entire Sculpture Stencil™ Collection. It is the only material that should be used for creating a “raised stenciling effect”. Our 14 mil film is ideal for using Stencil Paste, Crackle Paste or other paste mediums to create dimension. 14 mil can also be used for industrial heavy-duty painting applications as it is thicker and more durable.

40 or 60 mil Ultra Flex™ Material 
 This is our thickest and most rugged material. Ultra Flex™ is designed for industrial level stenciling jobs. Surfaces like parking lots, streets & highways, storm drains, shipping crates, warehouse floors, or any industrial stencil being completed with spray equipment, marking paints, line-striping equipment or other industrial grade methods should consider using 40 or 60 mil Ultra Flex™. The material is heavy, and resists being blown around from minor winds gusts. Stencils can be rolled or bent to conform around some surfaces and cleaned with any solvent or thinner. Not all items are available in 40 or 60 mil Ultra Flex™, please call if you have any questions.

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