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(800) 334-1776

Custom Made Stencils for Lettering FAQs

Will my stencil come in one piece or several pieces?

The majority of our custom lettering and custom resizing stencils come as one sheet. However, lettering size and length of words determines if the stencil needs to be split onto separate sheets. Separate sheets often make larger scale projects easier to handle.

For example, trying to manage a six-foot sheet of material is more cumbersome than using two three-foot sheets (while maneuvering on walls, ladders, etc.) If a word, saying or design needs to be split into separate sheets, we always include dash or register marks (on the film) so you know exactly where to place the next sheet.

Are reusable stencils better than vinyl one-time use stencils? 

Yes, for a couple of reasons. First, vinyl stencils with a sticky backing often tear during application and cannot be repaired. Second, if you are not happy with the placement of the stencil once it is applied to your surface, you cannot peel it off and stick it someplace else. Reusable Stencil Matte™ stencils can be applied again and again on the surface. Third, there are several steps required to actually apply the vinyl properly to a wall or other surface. It has to be placed on the wall and smoothed out, a backing will need to be removed carefully and individual elements may need to be removed with tweezers after paint application. Stencil Matte™ stencils are simple and easy-to-use. We do recommend a can of our special Stencil Adhesive Spray for almost all applications.

How long will it take to get my custom order?

The majority of our custom lettering and custom resizing stencils are laser-cut and shipped within 7 - 10 business days (within 24 hours if you choose to pay $45.00 for expedited production - please call for this option - (800) 334-1776 - expedited shipping is not included in this price).