Instructions for using Quadra-Lock Interlocking Stencils

Quadra-Lock™ interlocking stencils are pre-spaced stencils cut like puzzle pieces. Just place the letters or numbers together and you are ready to start painting.

Quadra-Lock™ stencils can be used in a standard horizontal method: Quadra-Lock™ stencils can be used vertically:Quadra-Lock™ stencils can used together to form perfectly spaced signs and markings for any surface.
NOTE: Spacers can be used to separate words or numbers and prevent unwanted overspray. Spacers come in each kit and additional spacers can be purchased at: here


There are three ways to set up a stencil job using the Quadra-Lock™
Stencil system. If you will be using SPRAY PAINTS, PLEASE READ


Put letters and numbers together with spacers if needed. Spray on, brush on or roll on paints, inks or other mediums. Note: Spray applications often cause overspray in seams where stencils meet. Depending on your application, you may want to try the OVERLAP technique or SEAM TAPE method shown below under “Taping the Seams”.


Quadra-Lock™ Stencils can be closely locked together by pushing stencils together so they overlap. The overlap method will push letters and numbers closer together and help prevent overspray in the seams. Please note that using this overlapping technique may cause some of the letters or numbers to raise slightly off the surface and overspray may occur. Depending on your application this may or may not be an issue.\


If your project requires zero tolerance for overspray, we suggest using painter’s tape to cover all seams where stencils and spacers meet. (show image) You may also want to use cardboard or newspaper and tape that to the edges of your project to prevent spray going onto other surfaces.

Quadra-Lock™ stencils ordered in sizes 8" - 36 will be laser cut on our white 60 mil material. This white 60 mil material is slightly more rigid than our 40 mil stock and is better suited for larger size letters and numbers. Sizes 7" or smaller will work fine with the 40 mil blue material. There are two ways to interlock these stencils together. 

Using this 36” Letter Set we show how the stencils can be placed together using the standard “puzzle piece” format. Using a horizontal or vertical layout just fit the pieces together.

Using the overlapping technique, here we are interlocking the 36” Letter Stencils together tightly so spray will not go in between the pieces.

We still suggest using painters tape or cardboard around the edges
of the stencil if you are using an aerosol spray. This will prevent
unwanted overspray.

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