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Fuel Up To Play 60 Fuel Up to Play 60 Stencils inspire kids to learn and move while creating games around the stencils.  Schools and organizations can beautify their spaces while encouraging physical activity, healthy eating and learning.  All stencils are made in the USA and come with easy to follow instructions for volunteers or hired crews. A portion of FUTP60 stencil sales go back to the GenYouth Foundation to fund physical activity and nutrition grants to schools.

stencil Kit Options
Deluxe Stencil Kit Basic Stencil Kit Jump and Move Stencil Kit My Plate with Food Stencil Kit
My Plate Stencil Kit Centipede Alphabet Stencil Kit Fuel up to Play 60 NFL Logo Stencil Kit Fuel up to Play 60 NFL Logo Stencil Kit

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