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  • How to Stencil a Multicolor Hopscotch Game

    asphalt beach community hopscotch how to playground school stencil

    Hopscotch is a classic playground game and a staple of recess activities. In this tutorial, we will show how to stencil a multicolored hopscotch game. The benefit of stenciling a hopscotch court, instead of just drawing a chalk outline, is that the hopscotch court will not wash away when it rains, so you can play hopscotch all year round! Our hopscotch stencil is easy to use, reusable, and perfect for stenciling in a school playground, community center or driveway. In this guide we will demonstrate how to stencil with a paint roller, paint brush and spray paint in multiple colors. For more...

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  • Using a Spray Box to Spray Paint Parking Lot Line Stencil

    In this tutorial wants to show you how to spray paint parking lot lines the right way using a spray box. Prevent paint from unnecessarily straying outside the stencil borders by using this cheap trick that works every time! The secret is pictured above, a cardboard box with the top and bottom pushed out; we call this the spray box. Listed below is everything else you will need to spray paint parking lot lines yourself: StencilEase Parking Lot Line Stencil Krylon Professional Striping Paint - Solvent Based Krylon Inverted Marking Wand 12 inch spotter Using the spray box is...

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  • Spray Paint an American Flag Stencil onto Wood

    Celebrate the stars and stripes of the United States of America with this patriotic American Flag Stencil by Stencil Ease. This two-part American flag stencil is to scale and comes in a variety of sizes from 1 foot to 5 feet tall! Paint this star-spangled banner on signs, parking lots banners, cornhole boards, and whatever else you can think of! Everything used in this spray paint tutorial is listed below, but you can also roll or brush your paint depending on the application! All that you’ll need to get is the spray paint. American Flag Stencil- Stencil Ease Repositionable Spray...

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  • Custom Road Race Logo Stencil

    5k custom custom stencil road race road stencil stencil temporary marking

    In this tutorial we demonstrate how to use a custom designed stencil by to mark your next road race with a custom road race logo! To have your own stencil designed by us, submit your artwork at the link below! Custom Stencil Designer- Marking Chalk- Inverted Marking Wand- After submitting your custom artwork you will receive your stencil rolled up in a box or tube. Gently unroll your stencil onto a flat surface and make sure your details are all lying flat. Be advised that in windy conditions you will need an additional person to help...

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  • Using Lettering Stencils to Mark Surfaces

    Have you ever needed to mark your tools or property but need to repeat the design on many surfaces? has got you covered with our Lettering Stencil Sets and Custom Stencil Designer. Mark your next project with a one of the many lettering sets Stencil Ease has to offer. Used in this tutorial: Arial Letter and Number 1″ Stencil Set – Stencil Designer – Spray Adhesive – Tape Painter’s Tape – Oneshot Inkroller – Cutting Mat – To use our lettering sets, start by figuring out how many of each letter you may need. Spell out the word or number you...

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  • Two Hour Fire Barrier Protect All Openings Industrial Wall Stenciling

    builder stencils contractor stencils fire barrier fire barrier stencils stencil two hour fire barrier protect all openings two hour fire wall

    Are you in need of a way to mark your Two Hour Fire Barriers? Look no further because you have come to the right place! Our “Two Hour Fire Barrier Protect All Openings” stencil complies with most fire codes and is reusable so that you may mark all of your fire barriers. Below are links to the products used in this tutorial. Two Hour Fire Barrier Protect All Openings Stencil – Oneshot 3 inch Ink Roller – Oneshot Color Ink Cartridge Refill – Repositionable Spray Adhesive – 4 inch Foam Roller with Handle – Start by spraying the back of your...

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  • Warehouse Safety Stencil Marking

    caution Fire Fire Extinguisher forklift Forklift Traffic High Voltage industrial stencils Symbol Traffic warehouse Workplace

    Make safety the top priority in your company’s warehouse with Stencil Ease’s collection of warehouse marking stencils. Our selection of warehouse marking stencils features a range of important symbols from poison to flammable. In this tutorial we feature: Forklift Traffic Stencil – Extinguisher Safety Symbol – Voltage Safety Symbol – Pro Marking Spray Paint – Inverted Marking Wand – Oneshot Inkroller – We will be marking the floor of our warehouse starting with our 125 mil LLDPE forklift stencil. Thoroughly shake your Krylon Pro Marking Spray Paint then load it into the Krylon Inverted Marking Wand. To use spray paint...

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  • Marking Restroom Doors with Women & Men Stencil

    maintenance symbols men and women symbol men bathroom symbol office symbol stencils warehouse women bathroom symbol

    Have a restroom door with no symbols? In this post we take you through the steps to marking bathroom doors with their respective Women & Men Symbols. You can find all the tools used in this tutorial on Women & Men Sign Stencil – 3 inch Ink Roller – Spray Adhesive – Tape – Start by finding the center of your door with a ruler. Mark the center line with a piece of Frog Tape and determine the height of your stencil placement. Spray the back of your Women & Men marking stencil with Repositionable Spray Adhesive then wait 30-60...

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