Tournament Bracket Stencil by Stencil Ease

Fun is the prize and everybody wins with this Tournament Bracket Stencil from Stencil Ease!

Here's what you'll need:

What you'll need

Lay out stencilRepositionable Spray AdhesiveSpray one side liberallyFrog TapePosition the stencilTape corners for to prevent stencil from moving

First, spray one side of your stencil with Repositionable Spray Adhesive and wait 30 seconds or so for it to become tacky. Position the stencil on your white board.

Use Frog Tape painter's tape around the edges to help hold your stencil in place on your dry erase board. Press the stencil flat all around to ensure good adhesion.

Paper plateAmericana Acrylic PaintPour out a small amountDish soapMix the two togetherMix until blended completely

Thoroughly shake your bottle of Americana Acrylic Paint prior to pouring out a small amount on a paper plate.

Next, add an equal amount of dish soap and mix together using a stencil brush.


Paint the paint/soap mixture through the stencilContinue stencilingFill in all the lines of the stencil

Remove excess paint from the brush by swirling the bristles either on a clean section of the plate or on a stack of paper towels.

Apply the paint by lightly stippling the brush through the stencil openings.

If the brush is too wet, the paint will bleed underneath the stencil preventing you from getting clean, straight lines.

Continue until the entire bracket is filled in.

Carefully remove the tapePeel stencil straight away from surfaceFinished tournament bracket!

Once finished, simply remove the tape and lift the stencil straight away from the surface of the board to reveal your new tournament bracket.

Removing the paint mixture is easy using just soap and water!

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