Introducing the amazing Gyro-Cut Pro!

The amazing Gyro-Cut® PRO craft and hobby tool is designed to easily cut a wide variety of materials.

Gyro-Cut Pro

Just like the Classic GYRO-CUT Craft Tool  the Pro easily cuts through paper, card stock, adhesive-backed vinyl and 4 mil plastic sheets. Perfect for all types of paper-craft and stencil making projects including decoupage, card making, scrapbooking, and pattern making. 

The Gyro-Cut Pro has an ergonomically shaped handle that is easy to hold and a 360-degree rotating head which enables anyone to cut complex shapes easily and quickly

Also, the new Gyro-Cut Pro can be fitted with different blades to suit various applications.

The New Blades expand the range of materials with which you can work.

Standard blade
Medium blade
Deep cut blade

To get the most out of your Gyro-Cut Pro, try our Self-healing cutting mat. 

Self-healing cutting mat

Spray the top with Repositionable Spray Adhesive. If the mat sliding on your work surface is an issue, spray the underside as well. After each spray, wait about 30 seconds for the mat to become tacky. If you need to clean your mat, use baby oil first and then dish soap.

Spray the mat

The Standard Cut hardened steel blade comes with the Pro Tool.

15° Hardened Steel blade

The standard cut blade easily cuts:

construction paper...

Construction paper

There's a technique to cut with the GCP, but it's easy to get the hang of.

Keep blade perpendicular to material
Only corner of blade should make contact
Blade turns as you change direction
Perfect cut
The number 2

...card stock...

Card stock

... and 7 mil oil board.

7 mil oil board
Cuts curves

The Medium Cut tungsten carbide 30-degree blade will cut thin fabrics, thin felt (using the Easy Felt™ attachment), 7.5 Mylar®/acetate, thin leather (2mm max), thin balsawood (2mm max), and medium cardstock.

30° Tungsten Carbide

The medium cut blade also cuts:

10 mil oil board...

10 mil oil board
Wavy cuts

...Adhesive-backed 7 mil plastic...

Adhesive-backed 7 mil plastic
Peel stencil off backing
Sticking the eyes and mouth

(featuring the Marsh refillable ink roller)

Marsh refillable ink roller
Turn blade sideways to lift corner
Have a nice day

...and FabTac Adhesive Stencil for Fabric.

FabTac Adhesive Stencil for Fabric
Adhere fabric to something rigid
Cut the fabric like other materials
Carefully peel from rigid backing

The Deep Cut tungsten carbide 45-degree blade will cope with materials such as 10 mil Mylar, fabrics,  felt (3mm max), sugarpaste, medium balsawood (3mm max), thin leather (3mm max), cereal cartons, polymer clay, thin foam/depron, etc.

45° Tungsten carbide

The deep cut blade easily handles:

10 mil mylar...

10 mil mylar
Perfect curves

...15 mil oil board...

15 mil oil board


Slice it nice
"G"ee, that's cool.

...polymer clay...

Polymer clay
Shape it up
You're a star!




Cut all day
Making waves!

...balsa wood...

Balsa wood
Perfect for hobbies
Carefully remove
You deserve a hand

...and foam.

Circling around
Don't worry...

*The blades fit the Gyro-Cut Pro only and can be purchase as a Value Pack.

Also, check out the many uses and techniques of the classic Gyro-Cut Craft and Hobby Cutting Tool here!

The tungsten carbide blades have sharp cutting edges and points and are not recommended for children under the age of 10.

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