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The Genuine Gyro-Cut Craft and Hobby Cutting Tool

The Genuine Gyro-Cut Craft and Hobby Cutting Tool

When it comes to choosing the right tool for your arts and crafts project, only the genuine Gyro-Cut Craft and Hobby Cutting Tool will do!



The Gyro-cutter easily cuts through paper, card stock, adhesive-backed vinyl and 4 mil plastic sheets.


Perfect for all types of papercraft and stencil making projects including decoupage, card making, scrapbooking, and pattern making.


The Gyro-cutter has an ergonomically shaped handle that is easy to hold and a 360-degree rotating head which enables anyone to cut complex shapes easily and quickly.

Spot on

Gyro-Cut is perfect for all types of papercraft and stencil making projects including decoupage, card making, scrapbooking, and pattern making.


self-healing cutting matGyro-Cut works best on a self-healing cutting mat but, in a pinch, can also be used with a cutting board.

Repositionable Spray Adhesive

Repositionable Spray Adhesive

Stick it

For best results, affix the material being cut to the cutting mat using our Repositionable Spray Adhesive. If no adhesive is available, tape can also be used.


Hold the Gyro-Cut tool with the blade perpendicular to the material.

 Be happy

As your hand changes direction, the blade turns automatically as only the sharp point of the blade makes contact with the surface being cut.


When you come to a sharp corner, simply stop, move the tool head towards the new direction until the blade turns, and continue cutting.

 Batter up

4 mil mylar

For thicker surfaces, such as this 4 mil mylar stencil material, first practice cutting straight lines to determine how much pressure is required to cut through the material.


Unlike scalpel style knives the GYRO-CUT blade will not easily cut the skin with normal use.

Glad Press'n Seal 

Glad Press'n SealTrimmingPeelingCookie Airbrushing

When used in conjunction with Glad Press’n Seal, Gyro-Cut is perfect for isolating those smaller design elements on more intricate stencils.

For example, here we're using it to to airbrush a portion of a design onto a cookie. First, cut a piece of the Press'n Seal and flatten over the stencil. Then, use your Gyro-cutter to trim around the desired stencil element and peel away the cut portion. Now, place the stencil over your cookie and airbrush! (For more information about cookie airbrushing, visit or the Confection Couture YouTube page)



Imitation Gyro-cutters can be purchased online, but they simply don’t cut it!

Their blades are too large to cut effectively and also are wobbly, making it much more difficult to cut curved lines.

Unlike with the genuine Gyro-Cut, you must turn the entire tool in order to change direction.

They don't cut it


 The larger blade also makes it nearly impossible to get through thicker material such as card stock.


Order the original Gyro-Cut Craft and Hobby Cutting Tool today!

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