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Create Your Own Flag with Stencil Ease’s American Flag Stencil
Randy James

Randy James

Hi I am Randy your advisor for all things stencils and paint. With 25 years of being in the paint industry and 10 years in stencil i have worked with painters. line stripers, architects, artists and paint shop managers,... painting just about everything. I love a challenge and helping people get the result that they want.

Create Your Own Flag with Stencil Ease’s American Flag Stencil

Stencil Ease American Flag Stencil

Show your patriotism by creating your very own American flag image using Stencil Ease's American Flag Stencil. This project is perfect for indoor or outdoor walls, stadiums, vehicles, playgrounds, government buildings, military bases, and can be used with spray paint or a paint roller. The stencil is reusable and is made from a durable yet flexible mylar plastic.

First choose a suitably sized white surface (or create your own) and mark the appropriate dimensions using Frog Tape and a tape measure.

 Place stripe stencil

Position the stripe stencil so that the stripe openings line up with the right and bottom edges of the flag area.

Secure stencil using Frog Tape

Use Frog Tape Painter’s Tape to hold the stencil in place.

Remove excess paint from roller

Remove excess paint from the roller using the textured portion of the paint tray.

Remove more excess on paper towels

Continue removing excess paint by rolling the roller on a wad of clean paper towels. This will ensure even distribution of the color and prevent bleeding of the paint underneath the stencil.

Apply red paint in multiple light coats

Start painting with the roller, applying numerous light and even coats.

Reload the roller as needed

Once you notice paint no longer building on the design you may repeat the same process of loading the roller.

Slide stencil to reveal gaps created by stencil breaks

Next, slide the stencil over to reveal gaps in the stripes created by the stencil breaks.

Fill in gaps in stripes with red color

Repeat the painting process to color in the stripe gaps, being careful not to build the areas on either side of each gap too heavily, as this will create banding.

Reposition stripe stencil to mask off area for blue paint

Now, reposition the stripe stencil so that it masks off the area that will be painted blue. There should be no gaps between the blue rectangle and the left edge of the upper red stripes.

Apply blue color using multiple light coats

Repeat the process for loading the blue paint onto a fresh roller and applying light coats to evenly build color in the rectangle.

Place star stencil and secure with Frog Tape

Next, position the star stencil over the blue rectangle using Frog Tape to securely attach it to the stripe stencil.

Apply white paint while frequently changing roller direction

Repeating the above process once again, load the white paint onto a new roller, and paint the stars. Be sure to frequently change the direction of the roller to ensure that paint spreads evenly into all the points of each of the fifty stars.

Remove both stencils

Now, remove both stencils by pulling upwards to reveal your beautiful new American flag!

Enjoy your new American Flag!

Stencil Ease’s American Flag Stencil comes in a variety of sizes for endless possibilities of displaying your love of country! Visit for more information.

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