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Custom Stenciled Sign Project | Stencil Ease.
Randy James

Randy James

Hi I am Randy your advisor for all things stencils and paint. With 25 years of being in the paint industry and 10 years in stencil i have worked with painters. line stripers, architects, artists and paint shop managers,... painting just about everything. I love a challenge and helping people get the result that they want.

Custom Stenciled Sign Project | Stencil Ease.

Save a bundle on a new sign for your business or organization with this Custom Stenciled Sign Project from Stencil Ease.

Here's what you'll need:

Sign with base coatTwo piece custom stencilTools you'll need

To order a custom stencil with your name or logo, call 1-800-334-1776 or...

Once you've selected your wood or other material, apply the base color using a couple of coats of exterior paint.

While the base coat dries, gather your supplies - this sign kit available on our website includes everything you need (except paint and paper towels).

Turn your stencil overUndersideRepositionable Spray AdhesiveSpray the underside of stencilSpray liberallyTake signPosition in placePress into placePress for good adhesion


First, turn your bottom stencil over and spray the underside with Repositionable Spray Adhesive.

Next, position your stencil and press all areas to ensure good adhesion.

First color exterior paintOpening canRoller paint trayPour out a littleFill roller foam with paintRemove excess using a stack of paper towels


If you choose to, you can further secure the stencil to the board by adding a couple pieces of Frog Tape on either end.

Shake or stir, then pour out a small amount of your first exterior color onto our Roller Paint Tray.

After loading the High Density Roller, remove excess paint using the drip pan and also by rolling it on a stack of paper towels.

The roller should be barely wet - too much paint will result in bleeding underneath the edges of the stencil.

Light coatsFrequently change directionContinue stencilingUntil all large areas are filled inUse a stencil brush to touch of edgesFinishing up first color
Apply the color using multiple light coats.

Use a stencil brush to touch up the edges of the design.

Carefully lift the stencilAnd peel it awayUse tape to mask off edges of stencil breaksSame for the top edgeFill in stencil breaks with brushRemove the tape

Once finished, lift the stencil straight up and peel it away.

Now, mask the background surrounding the main color in order to fill in the stencil breaks.

Avoid putting tape on the main color if the paint is still wet.

Also mask the edges of the letters.

For thin areas, such as the underline beneath the name, you can either cut the tape to fit or just use a small craft brush to create straight fills along the line.

Use a roller and/or brush to fill in the gaps formed by the stencil bridges.

For lines that are too narrow for taping, you can use the edge of a putty knife as a mask.

Now, remove the tape and allow the main color to dry.

Stencil #2Color #2Last touches

Next, spray the next stencil with Repositionable Spray Adhesive and position over the sign.

Pour out a small amount of the next color and apply it through the stencil as you did earlier.

Blow dry to speed up dryingPeel awayTouching up

To quickly add a second coat, use a hair dryer on the first coat to speed up the drying process.

Lift away the final stencil and, if necessary, use a small brush to touch up any spots that still need attention.


Your new sign is complete and beautiful and ready to welcome your next associate or client!

For more information, visit today.

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