Wash hands, using soap & hot water for at least 20 seconds. Clean work-space & tools with disinfectant wipes or spray.

      3.  SET UP

      Put cardboard on work surface to protect it from glue. Place paper template on work surface, with the side to be glued near you. Tape template to work surface, covering the squares where elastic will be glued. This will protect the template.

      4.  CUT ELASTIC

      Cut the elastic into strips for headbands, using the measuring guide at bottom of the template.


      Scuff up areas to be glued with sandpaper or nail file. This will increase glue adhesion

      6.  GLUE & PRESS

      Fill the line on FOAM area with glue. Wipe stray glue strand on foam piece & set glue gun down. Press Foam on glue FIRMLY.

      Fill circles on Elastic area with glue. Wipe stray glue strands before setting down glue gun. Place end of elastic band on the first circle & press FIRMLY, spreading the glue to end of plastic shield.

      Stretch elastic across the foam & fold the end under, pressing onto the other circle at end of template. Glue should spread to end of plastic shield.

        Note: Be careful not to get stray glue strands on the plastic shield. If the glue is not spreading, it is too cold.

        7.  CHECK

        Tug on each end of the elastic to be sure it is firmly adhering. Gently pull on Foam to make sure it is secure.

          8.  CLEAN

          Check shield for fingerprints or other smudges. Clean if necessary. Rubbing Alcohol works well.