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Pickleball Court Stencil Set

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Pickleball Overview

Pickle ball is the fastest growing racquet sport in the US.  Easy to learn and enjoy for beginners and fast and exciting for more advanced players it is a sport that satisfies all ages and all types of athletes.

This PickleBall Court Stencil Set will allow you to paint an official court on any hard surface that is 44 feet by 20 feet.  All you need is the net line and this kit of 18 stencils will make one half of the court, perfectly square and the right dimensions.  Repeat the process to make an official full pickleball court. This process will allow you to paint a court in just an hour or so.  

If you are good with long tape measures, chalk lines and geometry you can use the layout the court yourself and use our  2 inch sport line stencil to make all of the pickle court lines.  

Our stencils are made from 1/16th inch LLDPE, this widely used stencil material makes stenciling relatively easy. The material is flexible and durable and can be used hundreds of times.  You can do many courts with this one stencil and keep for maintenance for years. The plastic is almost unbreakable and can be rolled but will lie flat.  

After use, please clean as built-up paint on the stencil can cause the stencil to curl  Remove the paint and it will be ready to go again.  

For information on the rules and court setup of Pickleball please go to the USAPA website.

Pickleball Court Painting Instructions:

  1. Layout court on a North-South azimuth to reduce the impact of the sun if possible.
  2. Prepare the surface of the court.  Clean, fill in cracks, etc.  
  3. Establish the line of the Net ( should be in the middle of your overall space.) We recommend chalking this line.
  4. Layout the stencil for 1 half-court start with 1L and 1R with the edge of the short leg of this L shaped stencil against the center of the net line. Adjust and center the space between 1L and 1R so that stencils 2L, 2R, two of stencil 3, and stencil 4 fit across the Non-Volley line as shown in our diagram.
  5. Once those are adjusted fill in with the rest of the stencils. Adjust so that the lines and stencil are straight and the stencils fit squarely end to end. 
  6. Once the stencil is set use tape or bricks to guard against someone kicking the stencils out of place.
  7. If you are painting the interior of the court a special color, ( blue is favored, and often the space between the net and Non-volley line is painted a different color as this is a large area we recommend rolling. Mark or tape the outside of the stencils enough so that you can easily relocate the stencils. The corners are especially important.  Remove the stencil and roll in between the lines.  You do not have to worry about being careful to cut in perfectly the lines as you will cover those again with the line paint.
  8. After the interior is dry, Again, layout the stencil. .Repeating steps 4 and 5 (there are multiple "5" pieces, they are the same size and are interchangeable) using the marks from step 6. 
  9. Paint the lines within the stencils either with spray paint or with a dry brush so that paint does not bleed under the stencil.  Repeat for a clearer line.
  10. Our stencils have breaks to keep them sturdier, fill in those breaks. You can use a single stencil and place it so that it establishes the sides of the breaks and fill in with spray or a small brush.
  11. After the paint is dry remove the stencils. Repeat for the other half of the court.
  12. After you are finished, clean the stencils and store for the next time.