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Paint Rollers with Handle

Paint Rollers for Stenciling

These high-density foam rollers are the best for all types of stenciling projects.  Sized appropriately to focus on the typical sized stencil openings.  The high-density foam allows great paint control so that paint bleed is minimized.  The rollers and tray are all high quality and have proven to work well with stenciling.

What is the best Paint Roller For Stencils?

High density foam rollers are the best for stenciling.

The high density foam does nor absorb large quantities of paint. this allows a more controlled application of paint. Too much paint will ruin a stenciling job. Other rollers will force too much paint into the stencil openings which can induce bleed.

Are Paint rollers better for stenciling then brushing?

No Both brushes and paint rollers are excellent tools but have different strengths. For most jobs I will use both brushes and rollers..

What are the best stenciling applications for Paint Rollers?

Rollers are great allow for a larger amount of paint to be loaded on the brush and so for that reason speed up stenciling. I will chose the roller for larger areas which have the same color. If have i have a checker board with 3 inch squares I would use a 2 inch roller to apply the majority to each square. Or if applying on a mulit-color stencils I might use a roller for the color with the most use. Often in such a case i will use the roller for the middle of the openings and use a stencil brush for the edge and corners of the stencil. This reduces the chance for stencil bleed.

Rollers are harder to clean and to change colors so I dedicate a single roller to one color for each job.

Rollers can be used for any hard surface from asphalt to wood.

Our rollers are a great size for the majority of stencils we use. They are consistent quality but also inexpensive enough so that you can have multiples of them for the larger and more complicated jobs.. They are cleanable and reusable.

What are the best stenciling applications for Paint Brushes?

Brushes are great for small and detail areas. Size the brush as much as possible to the size of the stencil opening. This is why we have multiple size brushes.

Our double ended stencil brushes are great for jobs where we want a larger size for the bigger openings and a smaller one for corners and details. Or you can use one end for a different color.

Brushes can be washed and used with a different color fairly quickly.