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Free standard shipping orders over $50 | (800) 334-1776

4 inch High Density Foam Roller with Handle

SKU T7604

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This high-density foam roller is great for stenciling.  It is much faster than stenciling and much easier to control and set up than spraying.  Our GO-TO tool for painting walls, floors, and other flat smooth surfaces with our mylar stencils.

This brush has a 4-inch wide roller and a 10-inch long handle.  The high-density foam roller allows more precise control of the amount of paint on the roller and which allows effective stenclling with minimal bleed.  

Using our High-Density foam paint roller is one of the fastest ways to stencil.  it is much faster than brushing much like rolling paint on the wall is much faster than using a brush.  

How to Stencil with a high-density paint roller

  1. Place the stencil on the surface, We recommend using Stencil Ease repositionable adhesive spray to both hold the stencil in place and to keep it secure against the painted surface.
  2. Pour a small amount of prepared paint onto a paint tray.  Load the rollers that the paint is evenly distributed around the entire roller.  
  3. Now unload most of the paint on the dry part of the paint tray or on a screen.  The idea is to remove the paint so no drops are liquid will be forced from the roller when painting.
    THE TEST: if you push into the roller with a pencil or finger no paint pools in the depression.  
  4. Now roll the paint on the stencil openings with light pressure.  
  5. Repeat process 2 and 3 until you have the coverage and color desired. 
  6. PRO Tip  Like normal painting a brush can be a useful tool to apply small amounts of paint in small tight spaces. Use a stencil brush to fill in tight corners and small openings on the stencil as needed.