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Free standard shipping orders over $50 | (800) 334-1776
Free standard shipping orders over $50 | (800) 334-1776

Customer Parking Lot Stencil

SKU SCC0199-004-L060

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This CUSTOMER Stencil is ideal for parking lots, bay doors, signage and more. These stencils have a 3 inch margin for overspray and are cut on our 60 mil 1/16” or 125 mil 1/8" LLDPE Plastic. This material is guaranteed for 5 years of heavy use and will hold up to all the retouching your facility may require. Clean up is a breeze too, simply flex the plastic slightly and you’ll see the dried paint begin to crack, flake and peel off with ease.

This stencil can be used in conjunction with
CC0192 - "PARKING" stencil

Standard sizing and recommended material options are listed below. If you need a size that is not listed please call us at 1-800-334-1776 or email

Standard Sizes:
4 inches high x 27.5 inches wide
6 inches high x 41.2 inches wide
12 inches high x 82.4 inches wide
18 inches high x 90 inches wide
24 inches high x 87 inches wide

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