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About our Custom Stencils

At Stencil Ease, we pride ourselves in crafting affordable, professional quality stencils. Our stencils are laser-cut from high quality stencil materials and are designed to be easy to use and reusable. All our stencils are manufactured in the USA.

Most of our stencils are Mylar stencils, but we can also make vinyl stencils, self-adhesive stencils, and super-durable LLDPE stencils. Visit our Stencil Materials Info page to learn more about the pros and cons of different stencil materials. Or contact us and we can help you choose the best material for your stencil project. We are custom stencil experts and will ensure you get the right stencil for your stenciling project.

There are two ways you can design your own custom stencils with us.

Our online Custom Stencil Design is the fastest and most affordable way to make lettering stencils (i.e. alphabet stencils, monogram stencils, quote stencils, custom text stencils). For all other custom stencil requests (stencil resizing, artwork/logo stencils and more), fill out our Custom Stencil Request Form.

Custom Stencil Designer:

  • Fastest and Cheapest
  • See the design online immediately.
  • Simple straight forward process
  • Multiple material choices
  • Immediate pricing
  • Usually processes and ships next business day.
  • From very small to large. 3 inches to 30  feet
  • No clip art

Custom Stencil Request Form:

  • You can request anything
  • Send your own artwork or request us to help you.
  • Add text and art.
  • All sizes from micro marking stencils for MIL SPEC to Football field Stencils
  • Multiple materials in stock as well as specialty materials if needed
  • We are specialists in large, complicated and high-volume stencils
  • Our designers will send you a detailed design of your stencils which you must accept prior to production. 
  • Production quantities are our specialty.  
  • If anyone can do it We can.

Stencil Ease is a Custom Stencil Expert

For over 25 years Stencil Ease has manufactured custom stencils for lettering, signage, parking lots, logos, home décor and more. We carry the broadest range of plastic stencil materials available, including various grades of Mylar and LLDPE, so we always have the perfect material for any stencil project. Our state of the art lasers can cut materials as large as 6' x 10'. We laser cut our stencils to create clean edges, so you can get excellent results whether you stencil with brush, paint roller or spray paint. We make the process easy. Order your custom stencil from us today.

What are the Benefits of Custom Stencils?

  • You can stencil personalized lettering, logos, signs, or décor.
  • Stencils can be used with many types of decorating mediums, including ink, paint, spray paint, stain, etching cream, and even decorative foils. You can create many different decorative styles with stencils.
  • You can stencil with multiple colors.
  • Stencils, especially large stencils, are cost effective. Our stencils are reusable, so you get more value for your purchase. And custom stencils are much less expensive than decals and custom signs.
  • You have endless opportunities to customize your DIY stenciling projects with a personalized stencil. You can choose what color(s) to stencil with, and create different paint aesthetics by stenciling more or fewer layers of paint.
  • Our stencils are reusable! You can stencil your brand logo on your store window, t-shirts, wood signs and more with the same reusable stencil.

Stencil App Capabilities:

  • Custom stencil sizes up to 120 inches long by 72 inches high Letter height from 1 inches to 24 inches.
  • Choose from 24 different font styles.
  • Choose 10 mil Mylar, adhesive-backed Mylar or 60 mil LLDPE for exterior contract work.
  • Contact Customer Service at 800-334-1776 for stencil design advice or help. See our How To Section for stenciling project instruction guides.

What is a Stencil?

A stencil is a thin sheet of material (often Mylar) that features a cutout design or pattern. The stencil cutout pattern could be letters, a quote, artwork, a logo, etc. You can transfer (paint) the stencil pattern onto different surfaces with a brush, paint roller or spray paints. This is called stenciling. Not to confuse you, but the stencil template sheet and the pattern stenciled on a surface are technically both called stencils. (We only sell stencil templates).

Stenciling is not the same as painting. If this is your first time stenciling, don't worry. Stenciling is easy. You can learn DIY stenciling techniques in our How-To Stencil tutorials and DIY Stenciling Tutorials Video Gallery.

Make A Statement with Custom Stencils

Custom Stencils are an effective way to build your brand with marketing, add a decorative touch, or make a statement. Whether you want to stencil a sign, paint your logo on your store window, equipment or furnishings, or make DIY inspiration wall art, custom painting stencils are an easy and budget-friendly option. You can make DIY wedding decorations or signs with custom stencils. You can stencil event t-shirts with custom stencils. Or stencil a parking lot. Design your custom stencil with us today!

Custom Stencils of any text, any logo, artwork or file.

We can convert virtually any picture or file into a custom stencil

Stencils of any Size from 1/16th Inch lettering to football field stencils

We do MILSPEC Micro Stencils and stencils the size of billboards, We can make 1 piece stencils as large as 6 ft x 10 ft. Much easier than piecing together many small pieces.

Multiple Stencil materials perfect for any project

Mylar Film 4, 7, 10 and 14 mil.

40, 60 and 125 mil PE sheets for parking lots. roads and sports fields.

Adhesive-backed mylar

Magnetic Stencil material

7 and 15 pt oil Board

We also have access to many specialty materials.

We are experts in Multi Color and Multi-Layer Stencils:

Create detailed multicolor designs with our multi-layer or nested stencils.

Specialist in High Volume Stencil Manufacture

We have the specialty materials and machines to do high-volume stencil making whether you need 10 or 10,000 stencils we have the machinery to do this very efficiently. YOU do not need to order from China. Get it faster from us.

Fast and Easy to Order

For text stencils, you can get your stencils made the following day by using our simple Custom Stencil Designer. This tool allows you to input what you want WIll show you what it will look like. Provide a price and allow you to order it. In most cases it will ship the next business day. There is no faster or cheaper way to get a custom stencil,

Or you can submit a Custom Stencil Request using our form. Describe your need. upload your artwork and we will provide a quote. Our designers will work with you to insure you get the stencil that will work for your project. Once that is clear they will send you a detailed to insure that it meets your needs. Once you have approved we will produce and send the stencil to you. This takes a little longer but we always have customers who get what they are looking for.