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CALL US AT (800) 334-1776 - FREE SHIPPING*

Blank Stencil Sheets 10 mil Mylar

SKU AMY101212-012-M010

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10 mil mylar makes a great stencil. the material is very durable but still is flexible enough to conform to curved surfaces and light enough to use easily on vertical surfaces.  It also allows a very high degree of detail.

 Most consumer grade electric cutters cannot cut this material, ( the new Cricut Maker is the exception.)  If cutting by hand, we recommend a heated stencil cutting tool.

This material is light enough for applying to vertical and horizontal surfaces. (Use our Repositionable Spray to attach to a wall while stenciling.)  Great for arts and crafts, custom lettering, signs, designs, and more. Make sure your stencil is cut with adequate bracing, and leave room on the edges for excess paint.

Easy to clean? You bet. Just add a little soap and water or paint remover and watch as the paint comes right off. When you’re finished cutting, stick your stencil on with our adhesive spray (sold separately) for easy management - this will both make the process easier for you and produce a cleaner paint job.