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Blank Industrial Stencil Sheets

Blank Industrial Stencil Sheets

Blank Industrial Stencil Sheets

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Our 1/16th inch(60 mil) and 1/8th inch(125mil) LLDPE sheets are a tough flexible,translucent, non-stretchy material which make great stencils and can have many uses. it has a slick surface and my son takes hockey shots from it. It can be used as a shelf liner for warehouses. Can be used to protect walls from water and abrasion damage.

This is fantastic stencil material. It cuts easily with a jig saw or a router, you can cut the 1/16th in with a knife but not easily. Once made into a stencil it is super durable, easy to clean and will last hundreds of uses.  

Best cutting technique is to place the stencil over the old stencil or marking that you would like to copy.  The material is clear enough that you can trace with a permanent marker.  Then cut out.  

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