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Playground Game Stencil | Copy Cat Game

SKU SCC0321-000-L060

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Copy Cat Playground Game
  • (1 piece) – Painted Size 42.25” wide x 88” high

Game Play and Use:   Fun variation of Simon Says and memory games. The goal of the game is to mirror the person across from you by repeating the pattern of steps they take on the various colored circles. After each turn the pattern increases by one until the opposing player cannot mirror the pattern.

 Laser-cut playground stencils:
  • Easy to use. Staff and Students can place and paint the stencils
  • stencils provide crisp clear results every time.
  • simply clean your stencil for future use and maintenance.
  • one stencil can be used multiple times.
  • Paint in primary or school colors and brighten the playground and a child's day.

With playground stencils you will paint and play the same day.

How to get the most from your new Parking Lot Stencil: Stencil Cleaning & Care