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CALL US AT (800) 334-1776 - FREE SHIPPING*

Resident Parking Lot Stencil

SKU SCC0407-004-L060

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This RESIDENT Stencil is ideal for apartment parking lots. Easy to use and reusable. Paint and maintain a parking lot for years.

This stencil can be used in conjunction with:
CC0192 - "PARKING" stencil
CC0409 - "ONLY" Stencil

Standard Sizes:

The 3 and 4 inch stencils are designed to make curb marking fast. Paint a 6 inch or larger curb clearly and consistently with our offset stencil design.

4 inches high x 26 inches wide
6 inches high x 39 inches wide
12 inches high x 78 inches wide
18 inches high x 109 inches wide (may come on 2 sheets)
24 inches high x 105.3 inches wide (may come on 2 sheets)

Tough Contractor Grade Stencils:

• All offered in super durable 1/8th inch and 1/16th LLDPE plastic. 
• Tough flexible, lays flat and lasts for hundreds of uses.
• This material will tend to shed paint and is easy to clean.
• Perfect for contractors, professionals, and anyone who wants the best.

How to get the most from your new Parking Lot Stencil: Stencil Cleaning & Care

Custom Letter Size Stencils 1 to 48 inch

Please use our Custom Stencil Maker to create your custom stencil or click here to send us your requirements.

Stenciling Tools

Get the job done right with these proven stencil tools:

•  Krylon Striping Paint 
Inverted Spray Paint Marking Wand
 Frog Painters Tape

Material Selection Guide

Click here for more material information
For outdoor applications and letter/number heights over 10 inches, we suggest using 10 mil or thicker material.

How to Stencil

Visit our library of Video Tutorials for more detailed instructions and how-to videos.