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Squid Stencil

SKU SF0007-000-M007

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These squid and skipjack stencils are ideal for painting on the bottom of boats. They look like bait fish when stenciled in groups and random patterns on the hull. It's no secret that your boat is the best teaser you have and with these stencils it can actually look like a school of bait fish on the move! These stencils can be laser cut on durable and reusable 7, 10, 14 mil plastic or adhesive backed 7 mil material. We highly suggest using this adhesive backed stencil film for a boat bottom. They can be used with any paint, spray or varnish. They can also be cleaned with any thinners or solvents.

Contains: 1 - 9" x 18" Stencil Sheet
Actual Size: 3" high x 16 3/4" wide (7.62 cm x 42.55 cm)

(Don't forget your Repositionable Spray Adhesive)

This pattern is best painted with a specialty marine paint. If you choose to use a day-glo color not available in a marine grade, be sure to seal over it with a marine grade product. The paint can be sprayed on or painted with one of our high-density foam rollers (highly recommended.)